Some Mormons stopped me on the sidewalk to talk to me. That’s more than my readers have ever done so gotta hand it to them. I always talk to Mormons when they try to talk to me though. I see it as lower-case p philosophical energy floating around the city. Without even any effort they’re on a higher plane than almost all progs. A couple things they said in that brief time- is God a trinity or is God one? and the Book of Mormon is necessary for understanding the Bible. You can get into some really complex discussions with these seemingly simple ideas. You’re not going to have those discussions with progs, or even a great deal of rightoids for that matter.

For progs all they care about is making up some lie to justify why a given group of people should have more respect than they deserve. Doesn’t that make you just want to bite my throat out? It’s true. That’s the unspoken game. “You never heard about them in history, and if you did it was something negative about them–here’s why that’s good ackshually.” Oh please, put me in a room with their descendants, I bet their conversation is so insightful. You were a baby-machine for thousands of generations, you have so many profundities to share with me! You can teach me how to build a hut or how to be babysat by white people? Jeez, holy crap, thank you for taking time out of your day to tell me about that, I feel like Siddhartha himself at this moment. I try to avoid the MSM as much as I can, and on youtube videos they manage to squeak an ad in from time to time, almost always mud-mulattoes subtly condescending whites. That adds up after a while, it’s called conditioning, and people begin to believe it. The monkey needs to give you a lesson, and in fact YOU’RE the monkey now! I’d rather take advice from one of those dopey Mormon simpletons than a prog, because at least the former is somewhat grounded, and not deliberately believing the direct opposite of the truth. Yeah I hate to tell you, if someone randomly stops you in the street to talk to you about the nature of God there’s a decent chance they’re not on the ordinary level of the profane masses. Progs, being thorough atheists, only seem to believe in the crack pipe between their legs, that’s about it. “Wow, it’s a miracle, we don’t even have to BUY crack, because it’s natural.” This is the degradation you’re reduced to when there is no god in the picture. Take the hit, then take the hit again, that’s what life is about. I remember when I was a teenager. I remember the only reason I stopped playing RuneScape was because I got a life-absorbing girlfriend. Thinking back on it, MMORPGs and wanting to stick my dick in a slippery hole multiple times a day wasn’t that different. Either way you’re not focusing on higher matters. Oh I’m sure my gamer readers are offended now. Well for fuck sake what do you want me to tell you, we need more soldiers in this fight, we can’t have you spending your freetime in a fantasy world. “I’m gonna ragequit, you can’t beat the Jews anyway!!” Yeah the Final Boss so to speak. I’m one of the only ones who wants to fight that, might as well, even if you die, you have to learn somehow. I’m not gonna knock everything about RuneScape, it’s important to learn you want to get level 99, max your stats out, except in the realm of learning. Level 99 understanding. It’s similar with my main high school gf. What was I really looking for with her? It was something immature. And it isn’t an exaggeration that Lacanian idea about philosophy-enthusiasts wanting to “interlope” with Sophia, or wisdom. It’s a real continuum. Naive, horny teenager to locating one’s true desire beyond any human and into the celestial realm. Then you can do the turn of the dialectic here, because I saw a Christmas tree tied to the top of a car earlier, and the celestial realm isn’t going to give you anything like that, i.e. loved ones to celebrate the holidays with. I think ideally you want both people to strive for the celestial realm, and they can find the celestial realm in each other’s striving for it. So it IS kind of immanent in that sense. Not like I know anyone like that, I mean this just theoretically unfortunately ahahahaha.

So thank you Mormons, you got me wondering about non-mundane things at least. They actually want me to visit their church. I would have Machiavellian reasons for doing that. You can understand the Great Chain of Being itself by immersing in a “lower light”. Because Mormonism, like proggism, is a way of shutting your brain off. Let’s get back to this idea of “the best book for interpreting the Bible”. I’ll cut to the chase here- you should be building on the WORLD-DOMINATORS’ interpretation of the Bible. That’s the beginning, you have to start from there at the very least. These people seemed too wet behind the ears to be too mean to. This is a hermeticist site, I’m nice to people in person who seem naive. I’ve told you before, you should just leave, this isn’t the place for you naive ones. There needs to be something like that in this shithole country. So I do provide. Sorry if you get a booboo and need a bandaid every day. Do you want to be similar in my eyes to those clueless Mormons? Because the chances are I see you as very similar to them. No I’m not going to be solemnly placing my hand on the Book of fucking Mormon. It’s the same deal with Marx! Only once you have incorporated the higher lights can you incorporate the lower ones too. I see close to zero signs that any Marxists know anything about Platonism or Kabbalah. I’m not going to be visiting your “church” with a smile on my face unless you can demonstrate that you know what those are about. Otherwise I see you as part of a cult that wants me to shut my brain off and follow your dogmas. And you simply cannot demonstrate it. All you can do is cope. That is because you truly are a “dumb goy” or “sophist” depending on the tradition you want to go with. I’m not joining a cult that is constituted by people like that. Wow, you get to be a dumb goy sophist rolled into one, sign me up, where’s the pen? Make sure to flatter these brainless baby-machines every turn too, you really seem like you care about the truth. More like you’re threatened by 50% of humanity to follow orders or else. Oh no, you can’t get that stank pussy that demands you lie about essentially everything in politics, what a loss. Pussy Cult, Jew Cult, Prog Cult, I’m not joining any of those. Go ahead and tell me what you think the true inner meaning of Socrates is, then maybe I’ll listen to what you have to say. He’s the Keter beyond the Keter. I’d demand the same if Chabadniks stopped me to talk about the nature of G-d. You can prove you know Kabbalah, so do you know Socratism too? Sometimes you hear of the “freemason’s secret handshake” – this is what this is really about. They will run away if I start talking to them about this. Shalom, Jew reading this, isn’t that a proven fact at this point? So you’re a “Mormon” to me too.

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