It’s not that I love to live out the consequences of a thoroughgoing misanthropy, it’s that the alternative would be more difficult to deal with. I offer you the vicarious experience of what that is without any of the consequences (besides how it affects your own mental well-being). It’s all true, all these defunct creations that would need to be “retired” in order for a true utopia to be possible. The reigning idea of utopia today is of those defunct ones eliminating anyone who might have that thought about them, i.e. the dystopic type of people uniting to remove the ones who know what they are – that is their “utopia”, once all of them are gone.

I don’t know how many times I have to make this clarification to you- I don’t claim to be perfect myself. It’s just a clear sign that I’m not like the rest of you based on the fact that I TALK ABOUT ALL THIS! That’s what separates us. You don’t truly care about a future utopia unless you talk like I do. I don’t care if you have imperfections, no shit, everyone does. The most glaring imperfection of all is not being able to speak directly about all this. It goes without saying that joining the dystopic types to remove the utopians is the mark of the utmost lowest type of person imaginable. It truly is a nigger-cult in denial of itself. All of you, and women especially are noticeably some of the most pathetic ones among them. Oh sorry, you weren’t born with a rational capacity that would grant you equality? So what’s your next move then? I bet it is to make sure no one rational is around anymore. Sounds mature, “hon”. Hey sweetie, you seem like a real rational adult.

Just take one look at the entourage of circus freaks that are their “allies”. You recruit CHIMPS into your ranks, what does that tell you? That’s a sign you should stop and rethink things for a moment.

I repeat- why do I never see a brown or woman or jew talking the way I do?

It’s because their idea of “utopia” is for no one to be there to judge them anymore – and white males exemplify that judgment. It’s natural for us to see you for what you are, and that’s what you cannot tolerate, the true perception of your very being.

You can go ahead and prove I’m wrong about all of this, it would be easy. Simply be a woman and talk this way. Simply be a brown and talk this way. Simply be a jew and talk this way.

Since you can’t….

I’m going to have to guess you have something that you’re hiding. A dark secret we might call it. Peekaboo, it’s a fucking nigger.

Don’t you women want to be attractive? If you talked this way, you’d be the hottest person alive. You’d just have the unruly mob at your door, that’s the catch. Don’t you browns and jews want to feel relieved that no one looks down on you? All you’d have to do is speak in this direct utopian language and voila. I’d finally accept you as an equal.

No, this is the lot of the white man. Prove me wrong! All my fellow women are retarded, all my fellow POC are retarded, all my fellow jews are retarded. – it’s so true, and you can never say it? Why is that?????? Say “I’m sick of this secretive nigger-cult, and I’m ashamed I was ever part of it.”

There are of course Kabbalistic ways of looking at this too. As we know, the Jewish mind is fundamentally in a dialectic between mercy and judgment, always identifying with mercy. The only way to truly reach the messianic age is to, in Hegelian terms, “sublate” the column of judgment, and that means lobotomizing it. This is what our political order is about, currently. Whites are now half-browns that have no faculty of judgment, because how can they judge when they’re part orangutan themselves? Mercy for the apes, that’s the guiding mood, one all women and jews can sympathize with, for “mysterious” reasons. Yeah because you’re an ape. Sounds like a ~utopia~ huh? The messianic age means apes chimpin’ and no one judgin’ em, sheeit. Sounds aw’rite dawwwg. Sheeit, deez white folk, sheeit.

AHAHAH! I can’t imagine relating to that parody. Yet, women and jews do. So tell me, why should they have a vote or say in anything? They’re a cross between a human and a nigger, and that makes them feel bad, and that makes them take revenge on the humans, because they aren’t total humans themselves. Wow, we love to understand politics here don’t we? Sure, like you niggers appreciate “understanding”. The only thing you appreciate is being braindead and flattered for it. You’re doing so great, let’s clap, a nice loud clap for you. Wooooo they’re standing from their seats, they’re whistlin’, we love this ape in the spotlight known as “my reader”.

Ah, now it seems like the right time to ask you for bitcoin. No… I don’t have enough hope in humanity to even care to create an account. “I’ll pay you to have hope.” Some things you can’t buy. Eh it’s at a snail’s pace now I guess. I just like the Diogenes role. Maybe I’ll admit this is one of my own imperfections. If I had a pretty good amount of money my writings would likely be 10x better. The last month or so you only get shitposts mostly. If you want a utopia you just have to accept this is a necessary part of education. All the protected people being laughed at. “I’m a rich Jew, and you remind me of Hitler, so I’m not giving you a dime.” Guess how much chaos I’ve caused you without any of your shekels, kike. It’s amazing, hopefully people follow that example. Our ruling-caste is lacking so many of the qualifications for their role, and they want anyone who knows this to be poor, or preferably dead. Why do I even have to justify myself at this point? Oh right, because you’re beholden to their brainwash.

“Hope in humanity” – don’t make me laugh. Correct me if I’m wrong, haven’t my readers been scapegoating without naming for years? You expect them to change one day? Nah, they’re on the mercy-current. Apes in denial. It’s a group-hug of weeping. That’s their “utopia”. What’s in the middle of that sad circle? All the food, institutions, money, resources, and they keep anyone who knows their true nature from those things. Crying apes locked arm in arm around them. You should unhinge from that and… make me a sandwich. Embrace who you are. You’re either a crying ape in a totalitarian group-hug or someone I’m able to respect. Once you admit your wrong, real feminism can finally be tried. Because you seem like a clear idiot to me in your present state. Kikes have bought you a delusional and fleeting feeling of contentment, and that’s about where you are now. I’m not trying to buy you, that’s what this has always been about. I stand for the truth, in contrast. You won’t find that with the group-hug of crying apes.

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