Some links for genealogists

If you’re more of a “relaxed” learner here is a series of audiobooks on the Tanya, some 50 hours of commentary approved by Schneerson.

That Polish novel about Frank was published in English in November – here. It’s based on nonfiction – here is the author herself

A telling symptom about this novel

And remember that Bashevis yid who has a novel set in the Pale they won’t allow to be published? His one involving Sabbateanism, Satan in Goray, is really helpful for entering their lifeworld. We live in Zevi and Frank’s world so these are important to know.

Finally, I bring to your attention this site. If you want more non-approved knowledge about Poland/Hell this is a treasure trove, I might show you a birds’-eye-view of it one of these days. Think of me as like Santa for adults, no problem.

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