I don’t know how many different ways I have to tell you this- the point of life is Beethoven. We need to organize society so that types like him emerge, that’s the point of life. Grass grows, humans do that. If they’re not doing that then they’re akin to a browning, wilted grass. The point of life is Napoleon. Or if you want to get more controversial, the point of life is Rothschild. EXCEPT it would be better for a goy to be in that place, i.e. someone not of decadent inbred stock that is from an “exiled” people (if you want to put it politely). Let’s just stick with Beethoven for now, because that’s something easier to understand than saying “The point of life is Aristotle”. Our society has no grand goal like that. There is zero intention to create citizens of that caliber. This mere idea is very upsetting to them in fact. Why is that? I’ve supplied you with plenty of theories on why. If I had to take a stab at it, jealousy is the first reason I can think of. I’ve said before that Nietzsche was clearly jealous of Plato, so it’s not something you’re going to avoid even at the highest levels – it’s a matter of what you do with it. The way that our progs and the group-hug of crying apes use their jealousy is not conducive to the emergence of a new “Roger”. Do you remember Roger? I prefer not to say his name because that jealousy thing really upsets them. All they do is STEW in it. There’s no emulation involved, only elimination. The more noble type of jealousy attempts to emulate. This is entirely lost on them, the base people that they are.

Something about professional philosophers that’s really annoying is their posture of detachment, like they’re not people. I’m a person, I like to talk about personal things, because being a person and philosophy are one and the same. Am I jealous of the Jews? In a perhaps perplexing phrase, I’m jealous of what they do, not what they do with it. Chabad for instance is mystical KKK, sounds good to me. Similarly, the banking dynasty plays the role of philosopher-king. I can’t possibly express the admiration I have for Jews on a certain level. Then you think about the reluctances involved in that. Because does our society seek to create the next Beethoven? No. And who is in control? So, that admiration is only a fleeting feeling.

“Chabad, bankers, moshiachs, you’re a schizophrenic, I’m never visiting this site again!” I’m only trying to keep you up-to-date about the fringe awareness of things. It really all goes back to early Land

the relation of mutual revulsion between the academy and a small defiant fragment of its outside.

You can decide for yourself whether you think I’m insane or smart, I’m only trying to keep you up-to-date on contemporary occultism as I see it. Zevi, Frank, Chabad, these are things you should know about, they’re as relevant as Lincoln or Marx and no one knows about them. I encourage you to think of it in “classist” terms in fact- what I talk about is the upper-class, and not just the “appearances” people thereof. It’s the real brain behind the operation. Who is that muppet-looking yenta, Yellen? All yentas look like muppets anyway. Who is the secretary of state, Blinken? You have no idea what these surface-actors are about. Most of you dimbulbs focus on the goy-scapegoat at the forefront named Biden or Fauci. The list goes on of the goy-scapegoats at the forefront. And the surface-yids themselves are not even the final layer. How pathetic the Maxwell coverage has been for instance. Not even anons talk about any of this. That’s a type of “surface-goy”. The academy and corporations recruit all the intelligent people with temptations of status [kleos], money [shekels], and women [blowup-dolls], and the “fragment of the outside” is left mostly with morons or half-and-halfers who want the best of both worlds and usually side toward being part of shillworld. So that’s the state of things.

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