“Frankfurt” school, wait a second here

While there are indeed elements of Hasidism in our present zeitgeist, earlier movements prevailed in the longrun. Hasidism was in part an attempt to reverse Sabbateanism, and it failed.

Scholem (for whom the Sabbatean movement was the source of all the liberating forces in modern Judaism)

I’m recurrently tempted to make the controversial claim that Sabbateanism prevailed over Marxism as well. “Woke Capital” is an apt symbol of this.

“Speaking of that, aren’t you mad that no one sent you any bitcoin?” Do you think I exaggerate when I say my readers are… Jews? Nothing has surprised me for a couple years now about you dirtbags. Just more evidence that crypto-currency is another item on the long list of radical-seeming scams. Still, who knows, maybe some tried to help and I simply don’t know how to use the addresses and all that. I just expect the worst from you subhumans. And with that guiding rule I might as well be a clairvoyant. Because of my minimal presence here I secretly revel in the fact that you will descend further into niggertude, because that’s what you deserve. So it makes me happy. Look at the clock, it’s Watermelon Time, nigger, start gnawing.

Anyway, if you want to know “why you’re so fucked up” this is from the late 19th century

Until twenty years ago, [Ignatz Bernstein] stated, one seldom met a non-Frankist lawyer or notary.

1945 was when Sabbatean antinomianism began to be officially mainstreamed with impunity

If I had the choice I’d prefer Schneerson as the true messiah, personally. Alas…

Pahaha people probably blame it all on Richard Dawkins or someone like that. He arrived when conditions were already ripe for him.

If you squint it’s easy to see Yarvin as a cladistic Sabbatean. Oh how the tables have turned! Seriously though, I don’t even think I myself am immune, because it’s the air we breathe. The sephirothic system is a map of the soul- many people don’t represent just one sephirah. However, most don’t have access to any sephiroth above the Sabbatean node (Binah). If you’re here, part of you is probably hatereading and another part of you is probably grasping at Chokhmah.

Speaking of turning the tables you’d think there’d be more interest in the plausibility that Marx was writing in the shadow of a moshiach. And that therefore goyim-commies are as well. It’s the Jesus–the inverse-Jesus–you never heard of. Neech would have referred to the Saturn Deer as a “philosophical-legislator” that sets the spiritual agenda for centuries. 1666… you really can’t get more obvious about who the true “Antichrist” is.

And, of course, why isn’t it as obvious as it otherwise might be?

Why call it “cultural Marxism” when it’s Sabbateanism? Adding the word “cultural” in front of “Marxism” is an attempt to explain what Marxism by itself can’t explain. Sabbateanism explains it by itself, you don’t have to call it “cultural Sabbateanism”.

For understanding continuity’s sake, Frankism was urban and Hasidism was rural and oppositionist.

I’ll note that I intentionally use the word “antinomianism” as a euphemism because what antinomianism actually is to people of today is too much of a sacred cow to term directly. Get into the real details of what antinomianism is about and hysteria will ensue. So I leave it to your imagination when I use that word.

Like I said before, Sabbateanism is taking the easy road, and the vulgar are violently defensive about that. Even Marxism is “more difficult”, thus although Sabbateanism is older it prevails instead. However, show me a random Marxist who does take the more difficult road and Sabbatean elements are still clear.

Approximately speaking, liberals are Sabbateans and conservatives are Hasidim. This is a more precise way of thinking about “ZOG”. Every year, the “Hasidim” shift more toward Sabbateanism, often without realizing it or admitting it.

I expect leftists to continue to live in denial about who their true ancestor is. It isn’t Marx.

As we know, Jews, like gypsies, are a highly secretive people. The Washington and Jefferson of modern-day secular jewry are Zevi and Frank. Hasidism might as well be the British royalty that was “sublated”, if we continue with the comparison with America. And significantly, Sabbateanism is higher up in the sephirothic system than our founding fathers. The question is Does the Constitution serve antinomianism, not the other way around. This is what you get when you pretend a race of opportunistic nihilists have “equal souls” just because they happen to be standing on American land. LOL! Down syndrome goy detected, alert ALERT! So yeah, the political mystery is solved- people who deserved to be killed are in control now, and by “in control” I mean probably in control of YOUR mind. Enjoy being a nigger-nihilist I guess.

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