They offer a course on Sabbateanism in Israel, something I wish we had in the US. You can find lots of resources to google here.

Then there’s this essay, which seems to have been written by another one of those “angry rabbis”

I’m going to have to research a few of these specifically, I just wouldn’t be shocked if this was pretty accurate, given the ethos alone of these people.

I keep getting the urge to remind you that if I had to guess, not many secretly or not “self-identifying” Sabbatean/Frankists exist today, and as you see above it’s people from older generations – their grandchildren have taken on subtler forms of the same basic core.

Today in “can’t get more obvious”

When you learn about Sabbatean-Frankism, thinkers like Freud and Derrida seem easy to explain without reference to the goyim society they lived in.

Same with these two, if you remember that Dugin article I linked to the other day

Oedipus, anti-Oedipus, who puts that much thought into incest? Leave it to Frankist Jews. Talk about reading your own pathologies into Sophocles. A theological way to look at the atheist Freud is he was asking “Are we or are we not living in the messianic age?”

Freud had the Zohar in his library and he had read Vital, calling him “gold”. You can read more about this here.

Something to keep in mind in our patient Freud’s case is whether he was a Sabbatean himself or whether people who learn Lurianic Kabbalah can turn into their own Sabbatai Zevi. He did seem to have the arrogance of someone who identified as the moshiach. In this context you might also think of the supposed “founder” of anthropology, Franz Boas. The Hasidim call these types of charismatic leaders of movements Tzaddiqim.

If this were true you wouldn’t even know unless you could read Hebrew

This guy seems to get it

To show that the Frankist Paradigm explains the startling rise of the Left in the 20 century, it is implicit to show that conventional theories are unsatisfactory… none of the existing theories from the Right can account for the equally Satanic nature and peculiarity of the Left’s dominant Jewish intellectuals.

My “Talmud Blood Theory” doesn’t go far enough – this further twist seems to explain just about everything.

In light of this, consider how superficial someone like Alex Jones is constantly referring to “it” as globalism… Jones is a hero, don’t get me wrong, I just want to show that there is a continuum of precision. “Wait, Jones, who’s that? Oh yeah that one we memory-holed.” Yup, even the surface-level figures are disappeared.

Oooh this is a good article

Molitor, who is this now?

Something disheartening is that nearly all the threads I detail the beginnings of will never be developed by anyone besides me due to their leper-causing effect.

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