That Chief Magician of Mystery Babylon seems to have deleted all the videos from his channel. I don’t care if he’s a sperg, he’s one of the only people on the internet who “gets it”. Maybe he discovered he was being mined by nazi gang? So I quickly ordered a few of his books in case he deletes those too. He said he makes them so expensive because he doesn’t want many to buy them. Who does that? That’s a sign, or a “seal” of proof, as he would call it. Anyway the only one left I can find is a discussion he has with a Coptic who says his church is 2000 years old, and they find lots of common ground – you can listen here. No one is like this guy, he’s really young too, which makes him even odder of a character. He’s in Israel and speaking English (as well as mixed Hebrew and Aramaic) about Lurianic, Sabbatean, “Phranqist” texts and initiation, whilst frequently condescending world jewry, even going as far as to say that he would kill many of them if he could. Who does that? Exactly. So too bad for you if you didn’t listen to any of his videos before he deleted them. I arrived late myself, I saw some comments under one video of his from like a year ago talking about how there had already been a wave of deletion of the even more secretive videos. He’s one of the only ones I’ve heard verbalize anti-goyim sentiments. Usually they have a conspiracy of silence about how weak and pathetic goyim are. So it’s nice to hear one say it. There’s a reason they call it the “oral tradition”. Hearing it verbalized rather than reading it can cause a distinct existential shift. He seems to be a true-believer in Frankism. So if any of you tinfoilers think that plutocrats secretly carry on that tradition, it’s interesting to hear someone speak passionately about it. That’s gone now though, he removed his videos for whatever reason. “Stay out of that, it’s none of your business goy!!” Who are you to decide? That Rachel Elior has a book titled Grandmother Illiterate – is it any different today? Most Jews, especially yentas, seem pretty close to illiterate. Sabbateanism is effectively equivalent to stepping on a rake and getting a concussion over and over again, your lab experiment caused you to have severe burns and blindness. Hey, we’re all part of that world so we all have to deal with that. Some of us have emerged without illiteracy however. Being illiterate though is probably better for the mind than reading all this slop your publishing houses churn out. “Your existence makes me feel crazy and miserable.” I do what I can! In Russia there were probably many people very similar to me who were sent to Siberia without a coat. Are you starting to get the idea yet? A subtler process has been going on here for a few decades now. Step out of line in New York and during winter it might as well get as cold as Siberia. They have other ways of going about it too, they basically killed Mullins’ family, Mullins being perhaps the most articulate American on these issues (besides Pound) since the definitive onset of ZOG. Oh yeah, the people we’re dealing with I wouldn’t describe as “shady” at all. Haven’t they been brainwashing the nation’s daughters to have basketball niggers? They don’t do it directly, it’s all subtle and symbolic, that way would-be grandfathers who (quite rightly) don’t want useless turds for grandchildren won’t revolt and throw them out of skyscraper windows. That’s right, it’s highly manipulative and secretive their plan to lower whites on the Great Chain of Being. That sounds like one species of nigger teaming up with another species of nigger. Uh huh, all kinds of ways dissidents are shipped to Siberia. Better to just give them a lobotomy through miscegenation, that way they don’t have to worry about preserved corpses being found in the snow later. Sincerely, the manipulative and secretive project of “browning” is akin to Auschwitz, it’s just a less perceptible gas that’s breathed-in more gradually. The brute reality of fanged apes in the state of nature wanting to kill other tribes of fanged apes never ended, it’s just taken on quieter forms. Con-troh-ul, the goa-uld. And then you can get your enemy tribe to voluntarily put on the zyklon gas mask and inhale, with righteousness. What a perfect crime. This was a lost battle before I was born, I only try to make some face God and examine their own souls. With mental conditioning down to a science, YHWH IS that God they face, unfortunately. And YHWH calls for praising jungle savages and denigrating the creators of 1st world civilization, and of course passing over the subject of Jews in silence. You’re not the only ones who can get something down to a science. “Distorters of reality about whites, muds, and jews are my friend!” Exactly why you’re not my friend. You’re exactly the kind of person who would grab my coat as I was reaching for it before being shipped off to Siberia. It’s all too real, huh? [cue nigger rationalizations]

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