Kind of funny to think that while I’d preferably have been writing about Kabbalah today, my absence and not writing about it IS a form of writing about it. If you write about these things your life is pretty much fucked, is what I mean. So my absence says more than what I might have otherwise actually said had I been present. That’s Kabbalah, how do you like that lesson?

I can’t even dream of being scared into silence by a cabal of merchant trash. That sounds like a nightmare, and that’s probably your life.

No, unfortunately it’s probably darker than that. People aren’t even scared into silence. It’s rather their first instinct to defend them. How could you be scared into silence about people who you want to defend?

All I’ve ever wanted to be is a laughing abyss. Where the object of laughter is humanity itself. The abyss is smiling, and it’s looking at you.

Note to self- I should say these things at a job interview one of these days.

Believe it or not I see humanity as One, just not the kind of One that people like. It’s not a flat oneness, it’s a slope, or better yet a line going upward, even better a dialectic between two sides of the line going upward, perhaps a spiral, or gyre if you want to recall Yeats. Yes, it’s One, it’s just that each person is at a particular point on that vertical line. Or to make it less static, each person is at a particular point in the spiral, either on the spin downward or upward.

If you cannot break the hermetic seal there is a limit or “gate” in the spiral which you cannot pass beyond. Then the catch is, if you do break it then you’ll be trapped there, and there aren’t many humans there with you, so you’ll be alone there.

Chabad probably has something like this where it’s different, because they at least have each other. I’m not aware of any goyim version of this. I’m sure there are some lodges in the west where they keep their politics really hush hush and between themselves – the point is that by its nature if it existed you probably won’t know about it. I try to at least simulate something like that with the internet as clunky as that is.

The problem with initiation is you at least need one person who is beyond that “gate” for it to be possible. With that, people on the other side of the gate can go beyond it without needing to go beyond it. Of course talk about these things will sound paradoxical. It’s possible to go there without getting trapped there WITHOUT going there! And once you are there without being there, you’ll notice that abyss isn’t an abyss. That “gate” is similar to a crosswalk sign- you can cross even if the red hand is there, as long as there aren’t cars. Most people never develop that independence regarding this “gate” I speak of. Thus they will always be at a point of that vertical line which is distant from the sky. And if you’re someone who can only interpret life in monetary terms, tell me why no billionaire talks the way I do. That’s their idea of “not being distant from the sky”, to be scared into silence or to have stockholm syndrome and rather defend the ones who scare others into silence? I don’t think that beach house is worth it when you’re at the same point of the spiral as a terrified peasant.

“You’re just making all this up, I don’t care!” Sure I am, okay. That’s what someone from behind the gate WOULD think.

Once you make the personal pact with yourself to abandon humanity knowing that they will abandon you in turn, that’s when you realize the kinds of despicable varmints they are. If you do not do that then you will simply mingle among the despicable varmints while being one yourself. Once you cut the cord and drift off from them, far away, you will never want to return to being one of them. And there’s only one way to know for sure.

Members of shillworld might as well be wearing diapers on their heads when they talk. You are a ridiculous person! You are talking to me with a stoic expression on your face while wearing a diaper on your head!

That’s what the world is to you after you cut the cord. You can be one of those embarrassing imbeciles if you want to be, I’m not going to be.

Jee, I take you so seriously when you’re wearing a diaper on your head. “Kikes’ niggers”, that’s the best way to describe you.

So many people want to erase me because they know I’m so right about this. I’m a true American. I’m the same exact person as a prog or reactionary, I’m just more honest than you and have more integrity, I guess many would want that reality erased, for noble reasons obviously, obviously.

Anyway, I did learn some interesting things about Kabbalah today (besides the absence kind that I said) and I might share that later with you. Or tomorrow, or never. My lack of hope in the west is a new level of “unprecedented” seemingly every day.

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