Ah, the protected groups, what shall we do with them? That is the “white man’s burden”.

Make no mistake- just because I emphasize Jewish secrecy never forget that Euro secrecy is all-pervasive too.

You could see me as the “Shamir” of whites so to speak. You have no clue how much they lie.

If you’re here then you probably like to hear pretty direct statements of reality, and the one I think of first is that if you are a protected person your opinion is worthless. Everyone has to tiptoe around you. They are obligated to lie to you! Your existence is about being flattered beyond what you deserve. You cause so much pity that people refrain from making you feel bad about it.

For any protected person here, I try to show you what it’s like to look at people of your kind, and I hope that you can rise above them.

The so-called white man’s burden is a question, and most whites have answered that question. Do you know what their answer is? To lie to you.

It’s theoretically possible for hispanics, asians, women, etc. to see things from this standpoint rather than be the one pitied and lied to.

Most white men look at me and think “You betrayed us! Shut up!” My dear cousin, how confused you must be. You’re not helping them at all with your lies, nor are you helping us.

The only person it really helps is YOU because it allows you to feel at ease in your cowardice like you’re doing something good for the world. For years now, prog-orthodoxy has been paradigm-shifted into a laughing-stock and they mostly were unable to adjust and continue to robotically repeat the same empty creeds.

Browns and jews reading this- try to understand that you don’t know what these whites really think. They have a melancholic sympathy for you, and that makes them blind. “We’ll help ’em some day!” How? With your current policies of lying to them that they’re perfect? Show me how you’ve ever improved them. That strategy is ineffective. Hence someone like me arises in the US as a symptom showing you that the white man’s burden is not solved through the method of consistent deception. You don’t help them at all, you fail. Do you think prostitutes throughout history were happy? So imagine how modern women feel today. They aren’t too far off from a prostitute. You obviously are helping them, huh? And the reason that “even Latinos are leveled” is because you aren’t helping African-Americans either, because that’s the state Latinos are leveled to, and that’s not a good thing. If it was normal for the upper-crust to engineer blacks going to church then Latinos probably wouldn’t be so leveled. Alas we have Sabbateans at the helm who consciously invert divinity into its opposite. It’s time for whites to stop tolerating these parrot-beaked niggers. If I happened to hear about lots and lots and lots of Jewish people being killed I think I’d have a huge smile on my face, and I’m probably not the only one. It is only the pity of whites that keeps jews in the realm of the living.

You’re not helping children, you’re not helping women, you’re not helping “downtrodden” brown people. So what are you doing? The white man’s burden is a secret, and the secret is that it is a question, and that question has not been answered correctly. With all of your lies you fail all of these people. One almost has to deduce that’s a way of throwing the burden off! What are you doing, progs? Show me how you have improved any of these people. It seems you’ve only set them back.

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