It seems to always be a dissertation that was never published in book-form where I find this sort of thing

400 years. I can never tell if I’m the only one who recognizes the profundity of that or whether others do too and are simply too afraid to talk about it.

This student of Idel’s is relatable

This dissertation is from 2002 WTF!

Here is the footnote with the other of the two books – and I rechecked amazon et al for that Tishby one and it’s still out of print

Scholem’s thesis is that the Kabbalah and its doctrine of evil was a reaction to the expulsion from Spain, and Tishby builds on that. Over 500 years of developing a system where the goyim are the definiton of evil…

I have to repeat something I’ve said before- it’s always merely rumored that the powers that be hate us and want us to suffer. “I just get that intuition.” It isn’t just an intuition! This is why this isn’t some idle study of “mysticism”- it’s directly politically applicable.

Something else interesting about this disseration – the bibliography

Most of these documents probably no hated, suffering goy has ever set eyes on.

I appreciate a study like this also because it discusses Tishby extensively, and being a couple steps removed from the primary texts is better than being totally in the dark.

Take a look at this dissertation yourself here.

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