I only bask in humanity wanting me dead, that’s essential vitamins for someone like me. We’re definitely getting into Golden Dawn grades here that probably aren’t easy for anyone though, including myself.

If you’re here and you understand what’s going on you’re probably some type of occultist. It doesn’t have to be awkward or pretentious to admit that about yourself. There are waves or frequencies that most are unable to tune into.

And then with most of those types there is a kneejerk reflex to recoil when getting a sense of what these sorts of frequencies are about. They essentially eavesdrop here only to further solidify their alliance with the status quo, non-occult “reality”.

I advise all carnie hucksters to please scatter, never return. Go be a dirty slimeball somewhere else, your uninvited presence taints the thoughtfield here for everyone.

If you don’t understand the secret meanings of Socrates and Jesus you need to go back a couple thousand years and start from there, because that’s just for beginners, and I doubt most of the circus performers that visit here are even at the level of beginner.

So without further ado this is what I find significant to show you today

Sabbateanism seems to be “Luria for the masses”. It will probably be some years before I am able to stabilize the logic of Lurianism. Mostly because next to none of it is translated. A few of those texts that magician translated should be arriving in the mail in a week or so.

I’ll probably start with Nathan’s

Nicknames- Luria is often referred to as the ‘AR”I or the Ari. This is like Rambam, the Besht, or the Ramchal – for the yids if you’re a holy “mensch” you get a nickname, by the way I also have a book on the Ramchal on the way. Oy vey!

This might look innocent… it’s the question of whether I can “outdo” the 9/11 terrorists, I try, I try. Hugs, not bombs, kids, don’t want to end up like Uncle Ted. Same reason some don’t send a psychopath like me bitcoin probably – yeah, I’m sure if you’re “watched” it wouldn’t be too difficult to trace back. So sorry I even had that thought, I was just groping for something. For these reasons, helping you understand Lurianism/Sabbateanism will be a slow process though. I see it as the state of the 21st century goyim, blame your great-great-grandparents. I remind you, there is nothing “personal” being said here, I think of things like a Kantian, I am trying to point to universals.

Similar to the Imamology of the Shi’ists I’m not sure you can understand the Categorical Imperative without understanding the Eternal Return. One Imam is necessary for understanding another Imam in the great chain of initiation, going all the way back to ancient times.

Heh this reminds me of a thought I had earlier- that professor Wolfson I draw on sometimes alongside Idel, he’s such a soyboy. When reading him I can’t tell if I’m learning postmodernism or kabbalah. Just like the Chabad, continental philosophy is a cult! There are certain dead-ends in this cult you don’t want to follow. Nonetheless, I’m not going to pretend I’m not part of it. This is the closest thing to a goy equivalent of Chabad, and at the present time it’s thoroughly jewed. I always give you the pre-jewed continental philosophy. Take it or leave it goy, do you have the attention-span for your version of Chabad? Probably not, and if you do I bet you take the lazy way out and read it through the status quo approved lens. This is called a “desecration” and in my world that would be a capital crime. It’s a form of stupidifying genius in order to serve the goals of a worldly opportunist.

Let’s get a better idea of the other side of this though

One in a town and two in a clan

This is a picture of how Kabbalistic manuscripts were kept. We’re not too far away from that level of secrecy today either.

Jews hate it, shabbos goys hate it, when you talk as explicitly as I do about these things, whether they know what these texts contain or not! They follow orders, they have silver-souls at best. Humble-bloods we’ll call them. If I have a Promethean reader, my instinct is you should learn Hebrew and translate Nathan’s Book of Creation, a 350 year old text that was only published months ago. I simply don’t have the time otherwise I’d be doing that. The reason Jews show signs that they can relax and release some secrets (if only in Hebrew form) is because they know the goyim are their eunuch-slaves at this time in history, so what is there to worry about? If you are not one of those, these are some of my suggestions for accelerating the end of the “Jewish Century”.

Another one I’ve mentioned before, which that magician only translated the first two “gates” of

Oh yeah, that one I mentioned at the outset also – Meroz

If these are anything like that other dissertation I mentioned recently then you might find an abundance of unknown sources even if the text itself is exoteric.

Want to know my theory about their continued secrecy about Luria? Time is not yet ripe, they’re waiting until every last smart goy is gulagged to death before they won’t be anxious about publishing it. Luria/nism is their “plan” par excellence it seems. We’re currently in a historical “wave” where the blueprint needs to remain obfuscated in order for the plan to go into effect. Like I said, I’ll be divulging Lurianism in a week or so.

Or is this you?

You don’t even know what’s in there, or what any of the Zoharites have written, and you still follow the plan nonetheless. Sounds like a profane person.

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