I think of that couple decades in France when some decided to “skip a few steps” toward communism. You’re seen as a glutton if you talk about those strata of reality. Name any of the “deadly sins”, you pretty much fall into most of those. The fact is, communism is indeed the ultimate telos of humanity in a very particular sense, and even using the word “communism” in our historical-situation is so misleading it should be dropped entirely. Most people, both left and right, have a really cheesy idea of what that is. I’ve directed you to Parmenides many times now and I doubt you have even bothered to see what that is about. Oh I guess that’s “wrathfulness”. It stems from him. “Oneness” has many layers to it. 99.9% of people who push communism are minions of satan who have no idea what’s going on. “It’s not fair, you’re a pig if you talk that way!” You undermine your own goal, so I’m forced to be one who seems this way in our current time. I skip a few steps to try to show you what the ultimate plan is, and most people can’t handle it.

If you want to know a secret, there never truly will be “oneness”. This is the abstraction they use in their brain because they’re just faithful servants of dogma, and can do no other. Even if communism is ever established there will ideally be leaders. There’s no “communism” involved when you follow orders of someone who knows better than you, and there will always be that dynamic, I’d even call that a Theological Fact. If all beings have equal freewill then it follows they will all use that freewill differently, and “differently” is a euphemism for “better and worse”. The point of communism is for Everyone to have Freewill. That is NOT the case in today’s world. We live in slaveworld. People who express their contempt in slaveworld are basically McAfee’d, and then all the slaves clap about it after. That’s not communism…

I’ve already told you what the essential key is many times- that is to force yourself to focus. In many cases you have to fight yourself. Sit down with the Parmenides, and fight yourself. If you find yourself lazily scanning a line with glazed eyes you need to reread that line. Under true communism all citizens will be able to read that dialogue with the low-effort it takes to read a traffic sign – and they are not at that level at this time.

Try not to wince- I really think the problem revolves around envy. The vulgarian form of communism in place today is based on that. They never admit it, and that’s part of it, so keep your eye out. Let me just state the matter excessively directly- it’s a oneness of subhumans or a oneness of posthumans. Guess which one is enshrined as sacred by the status quo? Communism is self-defeating when it’s a oneness of subhumans.

“We reached our goal, and now everyone is a nigger!” What kind of mental illness do you have to have to think of it that way? These are people poisoned by envy. They’re institutionally poisoned too. Daughters who are lied to that they will grow up to be some Ayn Rand “super-heroine”. Rand was Nietzsche’s little bitch, so trust me on that one, I know Rand. This is an example of the rabble in action. Driven by disavowed jealousy, that’s all they are. We know that here in a personal sense, huh? That’s strange. Are you mad that I understand communism better than you do? And know that in your bitterness you’ll never admit it? That’s fine, just wanting to let you know you have a self-defeating ideal.

I’m trying to whisper you a secret right now, sorry if you can’t deal with it. If you don’t try to understand whites and jews you’re just a moron that doesn’t really care about the true meaning of communism. We want all people to be “one” in the sense that they’re not niggers anymore. And sorry to remind you, that’s the exact opposite of the mainstream version.

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