One thing I appreciate about Lurianism is that it presupposes the existence of multiple ontological worlds. Most “systems of thought” don’t do that, they’re oblivious to it.

This is from a recent attempt to reconcile it with String Theory – pretty quick read here. Getting deja vu as I say this for some reason.

Anyway frankly I don’t care about physics, it’s an unfounded dogma to think mysticism needs to be beholden to physics, there’s just extremely scant material on Lurianism in English so I read anything I can find. I see my absorption of it as Pavlovian in the sense that gradually I’m conditioning myself to understand the rhythm of its logic and by doing so I’m simultaneously understanding the SCREENS. Studying their chrysalis helps you understand what they do and why they do it. Most people are bizarrely content with a certain race of people from the east having hegemony over every thought they think and every word they say. Not I!

Recently I heard that schools have done away with the letter-grading system. Now an F is a 1, a D is a 2, a C is a 3, a B is a 4, and an A is a 5, and they refrain from giving 1’s. Maybe it’s just my area. This is rooted in Kabbalah. You see it everywhere once you learn what Kabbalah is about. I don’t mean it in a gematria sense- it’s the idea that the immanetization of God means the obliteration of all judgment, the “sweetening” of all judgment.

If you can get an F it means you’re NUMBER ONE

If you’re from a race of orcs or goblins it means you’re number one. This is the messianic age, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that so many Christians feel right at home in it. Jesus and Sabbatai are cousins.

Think of the flipside of this too- a happy family with a nice house and a friendly dog, say. That represents the forces of Judgment. Related to that–looking at the present season–Christmas also represents the forces of Judgment, and that’s why they hate that too. This hatred is natural when you have the particular sort of ruling-caste that we do, i.e. Kabbalah-bloods. In a healthy political order that hatred would be replaced with yearning. “I want to get an A!” Nope, instead it’s people who are proud of an F, and want everyone to get F’s.

Like I’ve said, there is a redeeming way to look at Sabbatean-Frankism, which amounts to the deliberate transgression of norms. I’m an ardent fan of that myself. However, it can take an ugly form and that’s what we see today, namely the inversion of sanity. Sure, enjoy your pills and pets on the 25th, maybe if you spend the day on instagram and netflix with fellow people who are mentally ill you will give yourself the illusion that you are sane.

What you have to understand is that this all derives from a perception about Reality Itself

The numbers of the right represent non-judgment, the numbers on the left represent judgment. Nonjudgment is closer to godliness. God is the number 1, and the ordinary world of humans is 10- all the judgment gets synthesized away by the time 1 reaches 10.

Remember that Kabbalah is the secret interpretation of the Torah, the essence of the Torah. This is one of the basic ideas of that. Next time you watch something out of Hollywood look for it. Kabbalah explains the beautification of browns and women for instance. Further, it explains the way we look at Jews themselves. We look at them the way they want us to look at them, i.e. without judgment.

Again, we’re speaking of the perception of Reality Itself here. Many of us don’t see Reality kabbalistically, we have a different idea of what that “lightning strike of creation” looks like.

The great authority Scholem states that Lurianic Kabbalah developed as a response to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, so go from there. Were YOUR people kicked out of a country, dear reader? If they weren’t then you can expect them to have a different understanding of what Reality Itself is.

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