It’s useful to type in (Cyrillic) keywords on that Elista forum – not many better resources out there

What these “holy ascetics” were doing in Spain before the exile, I will describe in some other way – Jews do not like to remember this and little by little begin to forget about the “exploits” of their predecessors

I can’t be the only one who sees the comedy in all this?? When I find someone “tracking” them I laugh so much. Just something funny about how they’re such terrible scum. It’s like watching hidden camera footage of a thief caught in the act or something.

Anyway, I have a couple questions. LURIANISM developed after the expulsion. Was it proto-Lurianism that LED to the expulsion? What were they up to in Spain? Was it Kabbalah that got them kicked out? It can’t be a coincidence that’s where the Zohar was written. And about 250 years later they were expelled. Luria must have just upped the ante on something they were already doing.

What they were doing in Spain, what they were doing after Spain – there are some poets on this forum. On the Saturn Deer

The most immodest and shameless people in the country are consistently Jewish. They revel in filth. Their existence is an uninhibited belch. A green smog of their collective burp encircles the US and chokes its citizens.

One wonders if they were expelled from Spain because of a proto Sabbatean-Frankism. All the exiles seem to have pushed them closer and closer to the extreme nihilism of Frank. And now today the goyim are natural Frankists. In other words, the US is a country of people who should be exiled. It’s not even a joke or exaggeration. Even the Chinese look down on us now. How shameful.

I might as well be a clown on a stage inviting rotten vegetables to be pelted at me with you people. That’s how far gone you are.

Unless you’re like the people on that forum?

The topic is extremely relevant – and not only for the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, but for all earthlings who find themselves in the position of powerless hostages on a planet seized by crazy mystics

Look at this hilarity

the Lurianic Kabbalah (“hallucinations of a sick mind”)

Talk about a messed up people. Imagine if this was your religion for centuries

It is a true curse to be born a Jew. This explains everything about the US. I’m trying to imagine just how much resentment can build up from centuries of thinking of yourself as exiled and making it into a religion, and I just can’t. That’s a feeling only cursed people can understand. And that’s not the kind of people you want having power. Just smile and forget about it I guess, and live under their botched governance, I’m sure your loved ones appreciate it you coward.

Wow, this forum poaster teaches me more about Tzimtzum than all the yid scholars I’ve read

 in terms of Lurianic symbols Tzimtzum (a forced retreat, hiding)

They project their cursed existence onto the nature of God itself!

And they do the same thing with the secular ideas we have today in place of God.

You commies probably don’t care at all about the roots of your beliefs

I’m so happy to find someone who says this sort of thing

modern goyim live in a completely fictitious world

Look at all these gems

the Jews themselves, as a rule, do not have not the slightest clue about their own history

The goyim WANT to live in a fictitious world, and the jews WANT to not have a clue about their own history. And if you talk about either of these things they want you to DIE. This is reality.

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