I shouldn’t call it the Elista forum because Franki’s posts are probably just as good, and the URL for that site is so amusing–shekina.mybb–so let’s just stick with that. This time I searched for the author of that Emek HaMelech book I mentioned before and I find them discussing whether Shekina and Lilith are, according to the primary sources, one and the same.

If this is true, tell me this doesn’t explain some things about modernity

Lilith was the first wife of Adam, even before Eve. In later Kabbalistic traditions, she was promoted to the companion of Satan, and then of “Gd” himself.

I know that some of my female readers very likely identify with Lilith in certain ways. Yes, you were engineered to be that way.

That forum points me to this English book where I’m finding lots of material on this subject, if you’re interested in delving into all the intricacies.

Heeheehawhaw it’s not funny to be that way if you do identify with Lilith. No one wants that. You’re a jizzrag, that’s what Lilith is. So I guess they want it for one reason at least. You can’t even do it right anyway! At least be a real Lilith, not the corporacracy-approved version. “No can do, I’m just a boring person, sorry!” Thanks for making my dick soft. That must be your calling. Seriously though, go all the way or don’t do it at all.

Why are the people at shekina.mybb some of the only people in the world who talk like this?

You probably see me as the male version of Lilith (Samael), because that’s all you can do with your broken brain. Or the “Grinch” or some more pop culture leaning nonsense. Okay you caught me, I am the Samael of this sad country, and the reason I’ve been celibate for years is because there is no Lilith who can take it all the way like I can. All this to say this is by no means a simple “symbol” to understand.

Anyway if you look at the bibliography of that English book I just linked to you might infer this is a dense text that will take some time to understand. The nature of half the population is what is in question here. Hidden cladistics and all that. Beauvoir and Rand are only the super obvious surface of why women are the way they are today. “What do you mean the way they are?” Uh, thots that demand freedumb at all costs? Very wow, so Lilith, you have a womb that seems like it would be a condemnation for a child to be born from, something to be so proud of.

I bring up Hoffman on Shekina here.

This is exactly what I was looking for after reading Hoffman

Or do you want to live in a fantasy world and pretend that Hawaiians explain modernity best

“All of them have equal explanatory power!” Yeah right, we live in Jew World. That means that even if your true nature were closer to, say, the Celtic Cerridwen, the Shekina is imposed upon you. So it’s good to know what that’s about and not act as if you live in a “neutral” society where nothing is imposed. All sorts of jewishness is imposed on me and through learning about them I’ve been able to cast it off. So yeah, if Shekina=Lilith I would not be surprised.

This scholar Patai seems to confirm that Lilith is Shekina’s essence.

“And that’s why I celebrated Hanukkah this year!”

It’s a worldview you didn’t choose, it was chosen for you.

Ahh that Franki, he’s nobody’s fool (unlike you probably)

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