Kant wrote this in a letter while working on the last part of his last “main book” the Critique of Judgment

Maimon (who chose a name that alludes to Maimonides’) is a lesser known Jewish philosopher. Elista brings him up because he is an exception to the following rule

Tell me, how does the highlighted text not follow from the fact that the answers to questions 1 and 3 are close to 0%?

In any case, we have before us this exception, Maimon.

Heh you s’prised?

How many examples of this sort of thing have I showed you now? You’ve probably forced yourself to forget.

Athens versus Jerusalem noises

The reason they resort to banning/censoring/disappearing. They’re smart in certain ways and dumb in certain ways- if they were built for philosophy they wouldn’t have to ban anyone.

Let’s see how Maimon puts it

method has to do with the secret political significance of Kabbalah and is known only to the highest leaders of the secret society… Great (political) mysteries are not taught, but they, of course, are IMPLEMENTED IN PRACTICE.

Teaching what is practiced and not taught is what is off-limits.

Remember it’s the person Kant thought understood his philosophy best who is teaching this. In my opinion only certain highly evolved yids are capable of talking like that – and I think Shahak is one of the most notable examples in our time.

Maimon was familiar with Spinoza’s Theological-Political Tractatus by the way.

Here’s a different English rendering of that quote

Profound, if you ask me.

You can read more of what Elista has to say about Maimon here.

Apparently the Hasidim denied the “I”

Maimon noticed everything: the rejection of “I-centrism” (that is, first of all, from any independence of thought), the general Hasidic tendency to secrecy, immoralism or even antimoralism

He discusses this in chapter 19 of his autobiography.

Shmakov said there’s only one Jew, because they’re all copies of each other. “You don’t know how different we are!” What about those questions above, 1 and 3, the answers being close to 0%. Jews are all copies where it really matters, even if they are different in regard to more trivial things.

Secrecy about the mysteries of slavery and human sacrifice… That’s some pretty heavy stuff, do you want to speak into the camera? Of course not, and that’s why I rightfully regard you as a kike and nothing more.

Maimon wrote his autobiography in 1792

this sect, in terms of its goals and means of achieving them, was a kind of secret society, which almost seized control over the entire [Jewish] people

I don’t think most Jews themselves fully understand “the mysteries of slavery”- they’re enslaved by their own people. What’s it like to not have an “I”, I wouldn’t know.

Even if they’re ~secular~ now they’re still doing the SAME THING today

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