This book on that other yid you never heard of like Luzzatto looks interesting


Then there’s this one suggested on the same page that I wonder if my Christian frenemies care to learn about

If it’s in English that’s a 🚩

Similarly, if he’s not patrolled by feds that’s a 🚩

I really wish I could understand things from your perspective. I simply am unable to understand why I would be perceived as an evil person. Do you see me flicking the foundation of the house of cards with a smirk on my face or something? Okay, and what’s evil about that? It’s so corrupt that it needs to fall, and anyone who denies that must be part of that corruption. You’re just coasting on skeletons you never admit to, surfing on a wave of bloodmoney. Your signature on the contract where you signed away your soul is permanent, and it will ring throughout all eternity. If we were talking face to face I bet you’d feel so ashamed of yourself, you’d probably get red and stutter, maybe even cry. So be grateful for this simulacrum we call the internet, red-faced stuttering crier, you. Another scenario- you might screech something about NAZIS like that means anything outside of your world of delusion and fellow mental patients. Anyone who’s ever scapegoated without naming me is just some nigger that sold its soul, it’s really simple. Gross, a furless ape. That’s the stomach-turning reality when they don’t keep certain sephiroth systematically hidden. “We’re all in the light of public together because we all signed our souls away on a permanent contract that will echo throughout eternity.” Why don’t you just say that, it’s possible to reverse that echo if you just said something like that, and you won’t because it’s a permanent situation where you’re an ape with no conscience, forever. Forever, and ever.

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