Am I the only one who laments that the magician was removed from youtube? I’m done with pretending this isn’t some orchestrated conspiracy. The only person who represented “spoken kabbalah” on the internet mysteriously disappears after I start talking about him. The total morons have no faculty for memory, that’s one of their chief problems. There are some names to remember which he discussed.

I have no reluctance to speak in a “crazy” way. If you don’t get it you were born to be a cog.

It’s an essential part of the “canon” in my opinion, the secret part. “You better shut up goy or we’ll make you suffer.” What kind of suffering is it to hide so many things while believing you’re the righteous one?

Wear a little hat, whether symbolically or literally, and guess what, that’s not enough, no one is going to be interrupting your daily routine in real life and saying “Want to know the secrets?” Only people who disavow humanity altogether know what that is about.

Haven’t we determined that you only want the “holders of the secrets” dead?

So tell me what that says about you.

Furthermore, what does that say when someone from the goyim makes you feel ashamed.

I’ll punch you in the face and shake those side-curls of yours. Tell me about all this you kike. Go ahead. You can’t.

“I’m going to make an excuse for the public, because, reasons, and stuff.”

Chokhmah, Binah, Da’at

You have no idea of the real meaning of those. You’re content to let the world operate with lower sephiroth.

What a total kike that has been exposed over and over again!

Are you from the jungle or something? Or is it that you couldn’t endure the spiritual ordeal of the moshiach Yeshua? Oh, Jesus will get you, won’t he. Shhh better to be even quieter about Socrates. Jews interpreting Jesus and Socrates only inherently diminish them.

“Why are you so heartless that you’d attack us totalitarians?” Look at what you are.

You can think of me as an “immersive scientist”. I’ve demonstrated to you that there is only suffering when you question the Shekel Reich. Their weakspot is to be called what they are, which is a collection of niggers. Why is it that they instinctively identify with the concept of “subhumans” when it is invoked? It’s because that is what they are and they know it, and they want to kill you for knowing that about them. Wow, that sounds like such a great plan, letting the world be run by people like that. “And I’m one of them, so it will be!”

Ah the mysteries of the Kabbalah.

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