And for my next act, I’ll be… getting my throat slit ear to ear!

I’d probably be thanking them as they were slitting my throat, free me from slaveworld forever, it’ll be the best gift you can give me. Or pepper some anthrax in those books for me. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I sent an email to the address on “your” youtube site, I’m not sure if you’re an impostor or something.

If that is you, just goes to show I’m not close-minded and neither are all Jews. There’s a cross-racial caste of “brahmins” that understand each other better than their own particular human subspecies. If a Scandinavian feminist tried taking the rusty scissors to my ballsack I’m pushing her in the ditch as fast as I’m pushing a kike. AND letting “Shamirs” hide under my floorboards. It’s kind of a no-brainer once you get past the not-see stereotypes they hammer into your brain.

Even if this is an impostor I WILL be getting a few hitherto untranslated books in a week or so. 350 years and no goy ever read them. Pretty momentous in my opinion.

I’m not sure if I showed you this link before but I’ve been finding lots of info in that for a little while now, that dissertation being the most important so far. The best things online often have a clumsy format like that. It’s like PKD’s insight that the divine manifests initially on the garbage stratum. It’s a paradox that the highest things have the appearance of the opposite. That magician for instance seems like a sperg, only has 1.7k followers, and yet he’s one of the only ones who gets it. Likewise there are only 535 members on that shekina.mybb forum. If you want to think of it in gnostic terms, that’s just the brute reality under the demiurge’s watch. Evil is close to ubiquitous. Oh and of course my favorite example of this is how the Axis Powers initially appear on the garbage stratum as well. It’s just too much reality, the light is too dense for the eye to behold. Or you might recall Russiagate. Those Russians aren’t stupid, and back in those days you probably had a stereotype about them that they were garbage. Anti-feminism is the same, it’s really what’s best for women. Our political order is characterized by the effort to make the REAL garbage seem like it’s not that.

The only right that matters (i.e. the Nazi-ESQUE one) probably can’t help seeing Kabbalah as garbage. To me it’s an exciting new dimension of reality, both for Nazi-esque reasons and not. Jews are so smart. You might as well be a mudperson if you don’t admit that. I know Anglo thought, French, Italian, German, and it’s really a crapshoot who the “master-race” is, and all of those are so interesting. And Jews are part of that debate too, except with them it’s a question mark what their “thought” is! Right-goyim are really sleeping on this one I think. Bjerknes is one of the sole ones to write about it in the English-speaking world, are you kidding me? Do you even know how behind we are? They know everything about us, and we know nothing about them. That is pure stupidity that needs to be corrected ASAP. Even just for detached scholarly interest. And for wild animals like myself for political interest as well. The other day I went from reading Pound to reading Kabbalah and about the former I thought, “What is this, some dumbgoy farmerboy?” Don’t even presuppose multiple ontological worlds – it’s time to take a seat now. “You’re a farmerboy!” Yeah I’m a nerd too though. My point is that there are a few “Atlantises” in the world and Kabbalah seems to be one of the most prominent ones. It’s an illegal expanse of thought to trespass upon and it takes you to a higher dimension of consciousness. And again, for Nazi-esque as well as non-Nazi-esque reasons. There, I have once again tried to describe why Kabbalah is something important to learn about, in a way that next to no one in the world will like the sound of.

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  1. Now I’m a little bit confused. It’s not my site, i’m not the kike you’re talking about in your posts, ‘the magician’, he deleted his vids on the instruction of lillith. that latent schizophrenia manifested. idk why you got that impression. anyway, like my unapproved comment before said, use youtube-dl to download descriptions (for links), comments and videos of channels you like, so you don’t get fucked over next time. Learn your lesson. a wealth of knowledge/of mist, has gone.


  2. Real “Nazis” should certainly take Kabbala seriously. If you haven’t already, look into Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (AKA Rudolf von Sebottendorf, founder of the Thule Society) and his connections to the Termudi family + the French Rite of Memphis (an esoteric form of Freemasonry which eventually merged with the Rite of Misraim to form the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim which consists of 99 degrees).


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