Think of Zevi’s approximate contemporaries in European countries- Descartes, Hobbes, Leibniz. While species of heretics to be sure, these last three were religion-respecters. There’s no Zevi equivalent in Europe by that time. Sabbeatanism is the deliberate inversion of morality- what is forbidden is not only permitted, it’s encouraged, sin is holy. Over a century later we have Sade writing and he’s pretty close to that. The difference between Sade and Zevi though is that Sade does not match the above quote – he didn’t have that great an influence (in part because many of his writings were confiscated). So whether it’s something to be proud of or not, Jews seem to have been “ahead” of Europeans in terms of “voiding morality”. Not trying to point any fingers – of course not! Just for history’s sake take note of this.

If you want to compare it with Machiavelli’s “teaching of evil” that the end justifies the means, for Zevi, immoralism IS the end. If Machiavelli taught that immoral acts are salutary for maintaining a stable political order, the hyper-Zevian Frank taught that immoral acts are encouraged for destabilizing a political order.

With the above quote about Scholem’s observation in mind, I think there’s something exceptionally dangerous we could wonder about. Do you remember An-sky? An-sky, that guy’s name no one could ever forget? Thee ethnographer of the Pale? Starting to see where this is leading?

A clue – An-sky also wrote a play which he based on his ethnographic findings

With our political conditions, it’s not going to be easy to find a “survey” of the 1930 Jewish population broken down into say 19% Orthodox Talmudists, 31% Sabbatean-Frankists, 37% Hasidics, 12% atheists, 1% “Shamirists”. Nonetheless we can at least STRIVE toward statistical accuracy.

By the way, there does seem to be a form of antinomianism among the Hasidim which I plan to write about at a later time. And furthermore, the Talmud alone, i.e. the standard Jewish form of “nomianism” might as well be as bad as Frankism because it teaches immoralism toward the host-population. Frankism just ups the ante from that and removes the morality from within Judaism itself.

We’re only discussing the History of Religion here, no need to feel uneasy.

Hmm Elior confirms something I read somewhere else which I thought was merely polemical

Among his followers, Shabbetai Zevi was understood to be a woman, as is evident from the words of Jacob Frank, one of those who carried on his legacy: “It was said of the former (Shabbetai Zevi) that he was secretly of the female sex.” Shabbetai Zevi… considered himself and was considered by others to be androgynous

I read that Nathan of Gaza himself saw Zevi this way. I remind you that at shekina.mybb they frequently refer to Jews as “the third gender”. Yes, that is a natural result of the highest God of the Kabbalah being a hermaphrodite. Just something that might help you understand the systemic man-hating and feminism of today. “And THAT’S why I celebrated Hanukkah this year!” Okay, just know that that is indeed a form of antinomianism. I’m aware that it’s so controversial to say that I might as well be talking to a wall. Good is bad and bad is good, children should be the parents of adults, the irrational should be in charge of the rational. “REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

Queeen. Freee. FreeeQueeen

Anyway, some books I never heard of – looks like lots of pages

Serious genealogy gets you no sex, no money- that’s why virtually no one cares about it. If you think about On the Genealogy of Morals, it’s a great irony that genealogy itself is an extreme form of asceticism.

Here is something interesting from that book of hymns and praises

Shabbetai Zevi, the Shekhinah, has liberated us.

You might be aware of the “predatory” nature of so-called male feminists? I.e. how they often use the label of feminism to get in the pants of women? Well, one reason I suspect Jews keep this side of their history so secret is because this “moshiach” of theirs was let’s say a big fan of other Jews’ wives, and their daughters too.

Huh, finding confirmation of something I saw in that Bashevis novel on Sabbateanism

“And THAT’S why I celebrated Hanukkah this year!”

Again, show me a prominent contemporary goy who was anything like Zevi.

The Jews were “ahead” of us in this “progress”. It goes even farther than this though. You know the Hebrew adage “Be fruitful and multiply”? He saw that as something to be inverted- that was one with “voiding the Torah”. So, marry a prostitute, don’t have kids – these are standard beliefs in modernity, and they can be traced back to a particular movement in history. This is far away from Hobbesianism, say. It’s turning values on their heads, and that is first-nature for people who were born in ZOG.

This is something I keep seeing

Hasidism seems to be both an appropriation of and reaction against Sabbateanism.

The strands of mystical Judaism discussed above fostered the environment that gave rise to the Ba’al Shem Tov… Growing up in an era of extreme upheaval, the Besht was cognizant of how antinomian groups like the Sabbateans were being persecuted and pursued by rabbinic authorities. Thus, this environment impelled the Besht to seek solitude in order to leave his tumultuous surroundings and spiritually perfect his soul.

This is an ambiguous thing to say don’t you think?

While in the case of the Besht (i.e. the founder of Hasidism) it was ambiguous, people of today are unequivocally and dogmatically Sabbatean. If this makes you mad I want you to ask yourself what you want in life, lust or love. Because Sabbateanism is about lust. U mad? Maybe you’re just an immature person.

Anyway, how An-sky and the Pale relate to all this will remain a question for the future.

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