The genealogy enthusiasts will appreciate an angle revealed by my favorite Iranian site

I don’t think many are aware of the significance of the Khmelnytsky Uprising. This is the defining historical event that “primed” or “greased the wheels” for OUR defining historical event (the pajama party).

So what was going on before this pivotal Uprising? Who is this rabbi from Ostropoli?

Shimshon, hereafter Samson, is said to have publicly predicted the Uprising, in vain.

We can see the Uprising as CONFIRMING and strongly reinforcing the kabbalists’ beliefs about the demonic nature of the qliphoth

Googling multiple languages doesn’t turn up much about this Samson who apparently was a voluminous writer. Scholem has a few pages on him in his Saturn Deer book

Khmelnytsky could kind of pass as a qelippah in this portrait, eh?

Before Adolf, he was the qelippah-in-itself.

Note that Khmelnytsky was an avatar of “someone else”, the one the Talmud refers to as “that man” and “the man”

Scholem mentions his reason for secrecy

You could make a movie about this. Kabbalists conjuring numerical demons to fight other demons.

Kind of a surpising twist to the Khmelnytsky Uprising – Samson was the chief kabbalist of Poland

This is how they speak of Samson on the Heebnet

Goyim are still seen today as forces of impurity to abolish. This historical event shaped them to see us that way more than most, and that’s not even to bring up the Sabbatean movement it incited.

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