I try to show you what the real meaning of “epistemology” is.

The SECRET about this is that next to no one wants to have any clue about that.

Go ahead and think of a euphemism for these people. They’re niggers. Can you think of a euphemism?

This is the euro version of “goyim”. Lots and lots of goyim in the world.

We are indeed in the “underworld” here. Most people here shouldn’t even be here. We do not want “goyim” understanding these things because they are only capable of using it for their retard-brain purposes. Truly, they are mentally retarded. Unfortunately there is no proper doctor to diagnose them as such so I take it upon myself to.

So I will tell you what epistemology is. My laptop inexplicably shut off while telling you this, my skin continues to PEEL off while telling you this, I’m not sure if you know what epistemology is yet.

It is guarded, there is a gate around it. Outside of the specialist terminology, what we are talking about here is “the meaning of truth”. It is guarded, and there is a gate around it.

Something important to know is that most people are not guards. They are rather guarded from what is behind the gate.

Epistemology in the 21st century means being an unnamed scapegoat who they use bots they pretend are people to gradually return you to your slumber about.

You aren’t supposed to know about that, so your mind needs to be shut off.

This reflects the bitcoin-verse perfectly- they use their outside-the-law capabilities to buy pills, opiates, mind-numbing drugs rather than entheogens (mind-expanding drugs).

If it makes you stupid, and one with the common denominator, it is Good.

“A book does that? I want it!” Yeah.. you’re not supposed to be here.


I certainly am not one of those. You all are pieces of shit and it is really obvious. Only when you unite and hide people who tell you this are you able to be content.

Such a ~utopia~.

A crying nigger majority more like. Human turds on legs all uniting and saying “We hate people judging us!”

Hopefully it sticks in the brain of some- this is epistemology. That’s the meaning of truth. Unnamed scapegoat for years.

Are you afraid to venture to those peripheries of cognition? Thankfully you’ve had bot bandaids to make you feel better. There’s the truth then there’s the truth that is hidden, which side are you on?

“I’m part of the nigger-alliance between jews, women, and browns!”

So I’d never expect you to be one with the people who care about the meaning of truth. Look at you. You have to hide people who question you. Nigger detected.

“Sure, I accept that. So what do I do from here?”

It would be the best for your soul to surround yourself with people who are not ignorant to the thousands of books of the tradition.

“I’ll pick a Jew to tell me about that!” No, you’re just another nigger.

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