I can’t emphasize enough that geniuses across the world agree with me about the basics. I think here specifically of the writers of the Vedas and Confucius.

Sabbateanism is the attempt to say “You are wrong.” I don’t think they are.

This is an exiled, cursed people who tells you that. “You are wrong!” An exiled, cursed people is telling me that?

Maybe one reason I am preoccupied with Shi’ism is that it is between Europe and the East. It’s not only geographic, it’s also a mentality.

The Vedas were right, Confucius was right, and they are too “yellow” for people here to understand, and Shi’ism is an in-between preservation of the primordial wisdom.

This is not a joke- Confucius was right about most things. Sabbateanism turns that upside-down, such that any of its adherents are living in wrongness.

That’s the true meaning of our political order- do the opposite of what’s right. This is not “polemical”, this is simply so realistic you cannot understand it because you have been surrounded by deceivers for years and decades.

It takes only a few hours to read Confucius’s main text, I suggest you try to read that with an open mind. The modern world is the opposite of his thought.

Something interesting about this is that the Chinese are their own distinct type of “Sabbatean” today. They maintain much of their ancient wisdom, and what upsets the US is that they are not pure Sabbateans.

No, Confucius was right, Zhuangzi was right. Their system of thought today is an attempted inversion of them.

“We believe in human rights!” Okay, so who told you you’re…. human? Humans do deserve rights. Are you human?

Or have you just changed the definition of what that means so you’re an animal that pats itself on the back that it’s “human”?

Haha, the nigger is good at lying to itself.

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  1. I read the Analects last year and intended to read them again this year, making it an annual thing. This post made me realize that I haven’t done so. I read the Tao te Ching twice last year, as well. You *can* read both in a matter of hours, but I think spending an hour or two on a single saying or section alone is even better.


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