That Karr has other essays here. He appears to be involved in the occult scene too, and those types tend to be less “shifty” than typical yid scholars of kabbalah.

For instance, first time I’m seeing something like this (he links to it)

Karr reveals all kinds of things I’ve never read about before, best to just read him for yourself.

Idel in contrast does indeed have “cannibal syndrome”, it’s a terrible truth to know.

Something to show you how new this all is to us

Kaplan began publishing in the mid-70s. The “anything goes” ideology has its up sides.

This is all going to be really slow unless you do independent research yourself. Someone as ballsy as even my friend reggedieh doesn’t want to send me a dollar in bitcoin to see if my account address works, and I figure some others are similar. Just a condemned criminal for this shit, so take what you can from me. Thankfully there is amor fati. I have to note here that if crypto-currency cannot finance thought-criminals then it’s next to useless, so if you think it’s some radical solution “you played yourself, dawg”. So many plastic fake things and people out there, it’s a live tragedy.

“We just hate you, don’t you get it yet, we want you to burn in hell.” Yeah for telling the truth, I know.

It’s the ultimate burden to understand how society works. Human beings are just farts that linger around for 80 years at a time before finally blowing away in the wind.

If you want to aspire to be something that is not that I suggest you learn Hebrew and begin translating the most revealing texts. On first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth glance, their “plans” for us are all there. You might very well reincarnate into a monkey so this could be your last shot to do that.

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