The origins of our gynocracy

Idel has a book on Shekina. He warns at the outset that he is not writing for the feminist movement, though he believes the movement is laudable.

Such vibrant diversity, the future is female- did these notions just fall out of the sky one day?

Wolfson has lots of writings on gender too.

You probably don’t even care to know what is in that Tishby book on Lurianic Kabbalah. You just want the world to do what it does without understanding why. So vibrant, so diverse, so feminine to lack inquisitiveness. That is a fact. Browns and women don’t have much of a will-to-know. Well you’re here, so maybe you’re trying to transition into a white male. I support your effort to do that if it means you will be less annoying and birdbrained.


Just kidding, I believe in you…. kinda.

It is clear that the west is dominated by feminine values. It is a nursery for bawling brats who never get their well-deserved belt-lashings. The question is, what is the brain of the west? The brain of the west is not western.

Do you have any idea how much men lie to you so they can get into your pants? You have no clue about the extent of that. You’re not going to get that from me. The idea of “goddess worship” to me is an absurdity. That is idolatry, it is a lesser being that is worshiped over a higher being. If you can’t accept that then I don’t want sexual relations with you anyway. This is something men don’t get. Fuck an idolater, no thanks.

“Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhh he’s doing a misogyny, WAAAAAH!” Misogyny is a form of anti-idolatry, theologically speaking. Similar to antisemitism and racism. We live in upside-down world, i.e. idolatry is the state-religion.

“You dare mess with the QUEEN?” Some do know that I have a track-record of making our decadent queens take a seat. This is earthly as well as celestial. The whore of babylon is a transcendental entity. You strike at her and her human instantiations are struck. Who is this, some sort of maid that believes she’s royalty?

I bet when you conceptualize “the demiurge” you see it as a male. Hmm I don’t think so. Seems like some sort of fraud on the throne who killed her husband and put on a strap-on.

Ahhh the “terms of service” huh? To be part of society you have to presuppose the perfection of the Jewish Gynocracy. It is a theological debate that is not allowed. They lowkey see this as a eugenic process. They do not want those who refuse to worship the kike goddess to exist in the future.

The Jewish Question and the Woman Question are more entwined than is typically known. A lot of “antinomianism” revolves around the question of the nullification of the duties of the baby-machine demographic. Do you want humanity to exist in a good state in the future? If you do then you cannot be antinomian about those duties.

“Thank you Jews, I HATE responsibility. Thus I’m so grateful for your antinomian engineering of society.” Yes, an idolater WOULD have that temperament wouldn’t they.

“You just want me to be a slave!” The alternative is to be a slave to instant gratification. The divine goddess is indeed a tyrant that presides over an empire of hedonism.

The divine goddess who dwells in the clouds (so to speak) is not focused on facilitating the emergence of Jennifer Doudnas. That’s a lucky anomaly that can occur under the rule of the “demiurgess”. The norm is the direct opposite of Doudna, i.e. the diminishment of spiritual and intellectual faculties. In other words, I agree theologically that there exists a divine goddess- she’s not the one who’s in control in today’s world. More like the ugly, fat sister of hers is. Jews, browns, whores, and white cowards tend to worship this idol. White cowards because you know what they say- happy zogwife, happy zoglife.

It’s a question of whether you want to be part of popular religion or part of hermeticism. We’re all too aware here that virtually everyone’s temperaments lead them inexorably to popular religion. The popular religion is basically to be a nigger without guilt that you are that.

Anyway, Idel is a real disagreeable fellow- he goes after Wolfson with hammer and tongs in this book

What other religion even prompts one to bring up those concepts at all?

Idel refers to “hundreds” of Kabbalistic texts that discuss these subjects, so we’re just at the beginning of understanding the degree to which the roots of our present gynocratic eunuchdom are rooted in their tradition. Suffice it to say that looking at French feminists and thinking they explain everything is a cosmetic decoy.

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