We shall see clearly that as a matter of fact Goethe’s sight was not keen, when in the next lecture we compare him with Leonardo da Vinci.

This is from a fellow-traveler of Sedlmayr, Chamberlain, Wagner’s son-in-law.

Apparently 9/10ths of Leonardo’s extant manuscripts deal with mathematics and mechanics.

What was behind the art of perhaps thee defining artist?

Based on the above factoid, it appears it was subjects of an objective nature.

Chamberlain attempts to show that he had a genius perception that extended beyond art by saying that 30 years before Copernicus he had written in his notes “the Sun does not move”.

While we remember him for his art there was an objective-minded type of person behind it, and I invite you to think of Sedlmayr’s theories in this context. Leonardo died 270 years before the French Revolution – this is before the dehumanization began to set in.

In order to preserve the nobility of the word “art” let’s call today’s art “media”. Our various extensions of media do not rest on anything solid like mathematics. (For Sedlmayr what is solid is God by the way- you can choose your preference). It all floats on a foundation of nothingness, that’s why it’s full of such ugliness and lies. Want to call it the “Cathedral”? Necessary for its survival is that it does not have anything objective behind it. You see the surfaces the media presents to you and there is nothing behind them. That’s why nothing from this political order is going to last like Leonardo.

To be charitable, if it does happen to use something objective, it is only a means to further the opposite of what is objective. 1+1=2 is used to convince you 1+1=3. There is a science to social engineering. If you haven’t picked up on the fact that they “deceive with mathematical precision” it’s probably too late for you. The peoples of the planet with the most humiliating histories are depicted as saints who you’re supposed to learn from, and they’re so good at what they do you’re probably convinced of that. 1+1=3 is the calculation in your mind. Meanwhile, someone with lasting value like Leonardo, has 1+1=2 everywhere in his art. And if you study the works of people like him you will also begin to have the correct calculation in your mind. Further, there’s obviously a theological interpretation of “being aligned with the objective order”. You don’t see much of that today. The only sane response to the ubiquitous decadence is ascetic world-denial. That isn’t necessarily misanthropy because here I am praising Leonardo, some people are great.

I don’t get the people of today. Wouldn’t you trade everything to be able to study and muse on the comparison between the Italian and German renaissances in a totally unguarded manner? Maybe they haven’t learned from those two adequately enough? With mentally ill people in control we will not be having another renaissance. “Substantiate that diagnosis!” THOUSANDS of years of EXILE has only POSITIVE effects, right?

Speaking of needing an objective vision to see things clearly.

It’s pretty dismal out there. Virtually everyone is saying 1+1=3 in their own way. Yes, and I count omissions as that too!

Alt-lite types remind me of those libs who blame everything on “capitalism”. They’re not too far away from that in terms of blatantly missing the mark.


If you appreciate geniuses and you don’t have the utmost contempt for the powers-that-be systematically preventing new ones from emerging ARE you aligned with the objective order?

Every dimension of their edifice needs to be demolished. If you don’t do it now I expect the version of you living 200 years from now isn’t going to do it either.

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