You can always count on the shekina.mybb (lol) forum to give you the more hermetic understanding of a certain figure

Berdyaev, the founder of Westernizing Russian conservatism

Some have had that thought, that “Putin is a plant”.

On the other hand, who is free from popular politics? You’re not going to see an American politician telling people to read someone like Berdyaev. Hermeticism (or whatever term you prefer for it) is only possible for the few. In my opinion the court is still out on where Putin’s loyalties lie. To be further to the right than what’s PC in the west is not a difficult feat. It’s easy to see Putin as a hero in that light.

Ilyin here is another writer Putin recommends

Everything that Ilyin said was true – had been said a thousand times before. He only repeated, and if we now want to understand what is the meaning of a huge forgery in the formation of national identity, then we will have to recall both the “phenomenon of Solzhenitsyn” and Mr. I. Ilyin

And to the west, Solzhenitsyn is the peak of ~esotericism~ about Russia. Shekina.mybb is quite a few steps removed from that.

Russia is the “latest victim” of their tikkun olam “gathering of the sparks”, it should be no shock to you that the true brain of the place is so well-hidden. His name is Elista by the way, and he has quite a few books he thinks you might like to read. The quotation above for instance is from Виктор Острецов who I’ve detailed a couple times now.

My intuition is that he could fit right in on that forum as an anon if he really wanted to

You can punch his name in to the search there and see what they think, they probably know a lot better than I do.

I don’t care what the media tries to tell me about Russia- their men are funny, their women are attractive. I could move there, it’s an Exit option.

No, it’s still a prison there much like the west, that’s the problem. Iran does not have the same problem. I repeat these things because no one else says it.


Now, in the summer of 1922 – some to the wall, others to Siberia, well, but the real “creative intelligentsia”, that is, the Jewish-Masonic, all these Berdyaevs and Osorgins, together with Merezhkovsky and other scoundrels, were sent quiet and calm compared to Bolshevik Russia to Western Europe.

The finest minds you’ve probably never heard of. The best goyim are to be killed. As for the other exceptional individuals who are more pliable, they will be molded into a type of golem of their choosing. DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THIS PICTURE? Of course you don’t. It’s too tragic to accept, isn’t it? “Aren’t you supposed to be in Siberia right now?” That’s tomorrow, don’t worry. “That’s what you get for exposing me as a golem!” I try to stay away from a petty soul like yours.

Anyway, with the revelations about this Berdyaev we see a similar dynamic in the west- even certain degrees of “sellout” are hidden from the public. Even the half-and-halfers tell more truth than is tolerable to them.

“I want to be a Berdyaev!” Really… why…

I guess here is Franki saying something redeeming about some of these types

What does “evil” mean? Means: radiating, winding, wagging like a snake, saying “yes” and “no” – neither “yes” nor “no”; eternal pimp, conciliator, compromiser, builder of all rotten bridges: if you step, you will fail.

Berdyaev, however, will not fail. He, in contrast to Milyukov, is a man of transcendental dexterity: he walks safely not only on all rotten bridges, but also on ropes, balancing between heaven and hell, with acrobatic dexterity.

And yet, I at least prefer someone like Franki?

Anyway don’t pat yourself on the back and relate to that description of Berdyaev so readily. It’s very rare I’ve seen people with that acrobatic dexterity, usually they’re only building rotten bridges because rotten bridges were built for them and that’s all they know.

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