That must be one of the many paradoxes of the “Exile”, that a goy is the king of the jews.

Shahak and Shamir simply can’t go all the way. The type of masochism that demands I wouldn’t expect from anyone! Still, they offer plenty of insights, and I would suggest you read them, because they are my fellow-travelers and at the end of the day they are still proud Jews.

These are levels of Sabbateanism they don’t want you to know about.

Strauss and Scholem, arguably the best Jewish minds of the 20th century, were Nietzscheans. This is a type of imamology. There are goyim who are imams, try to get it through your head.

The most elite Jews in society cannot say these things. That is because they do not understand the true nature of Zevi.

“How DARE you say that!!” The Torah is destroyed, that means you are too, and that means Zevi is too.

Destroy Nietzsche, go ahead and try, it took me a decade. All these things are the path of destruction, and you only try to hide every step of the way.

The “Zevi Torah” of Atzilut is done for, the “Nietzsche Torah” of Platonism is done for, and we are approaching a clear ground now.

If you cannot accept these things then you cannot build on it. You’re only unclearing the ground when you try to build on it. You’re putting rubbish on it that was already cleared away, you’re useless and counter-productive.

Both Athens and Jerusalem are in ruins.

I am a friend of the Jews insofar as they are smart. Can you pull a Shahak? If you can’t then I don’t think you’re that bright. He’s the culmination of your tradition and you have to pretend he doesn’t exist.

Smart Jews will know that I am showing them things their leaders will not show them. That’s because your leaders don’t even know about them in many cases.

The idea is liquidation of the traditions in order to create the perfect tradition.

You ever try to read one of those kabbalistic texts I linked to? You have the attention-span to read one of Plato’s dialogues? If not then you should not have the thought in your mind to liquidate the tradition, because you don’t even understand it. It’s your place to absorb it first.

“We’ll hide you! That’s our place as charlatans to hide you!”

Whatever you say, I’m the king of the jews for being so honest about everything.

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