The Chinese speak more directly than pretty much anyone



Statements like this SHOULD make a non-deadened person feel queasy.

Apparently Walter Scott wrote about this in his book on Napoleon


I have to link you to this article simply because it’s better than virtually anything you can find on the English internet. It’s easy to forget these things, it really is. That’s why even though I already know most of what’s contained therein I still appreciate reading it. It does actually mention a ~revolooootion~ they incited in the Netherlands before England which I wasn’t aware of.

Sinonetting Kabbalah now- this seems true

沙巴泰茨维(Shabbatai Tsvi)是卢里亚理论病毒式传播以后出现的一个人物,他对于整个卡巴拉理论的影响不亚于卢里亚本人。

It’s one thing to know Europe was enslaved. It’s another thing altogether to know WHO enslaved it. PRECISELY who. (Or what)


An angel of nihilism changed the financial system of Europe.

“Didn’t you mention there’s a lunatic asylum down your street?” This all seems historically factual, sorry to tell you.

The wealthy in Amsterdam were Nathanists when they took their “business” to England.

“Thoughtless Light” indeed if they let all this happen.

I still have to order this book I mentioned before (I have too many books to order) to know for certain about whether the usurers “evolved” to Frankism by the time of the French Revolution. Even if they abandoned Nathanism for Hasidism, Scholem himself is on record saying Hasidism is also a form of antinomianism, though one not as extreme as Frankism.

Insightful Chinaman


Not finding too much speculation on the Sinonet regarding the Nathan/Marx connection, maybe because Nathanist-Marxism wiped out all their best minds a couple generations ago?

“Let’s do that in the USA next!” Let’s do that? It HAS been happening, just more subtly. If you’re a descendant of Nathanist-hippies there’s a good chance you’re not that bright, so you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

“Don’t be so meeean.” You want “culturology” or not?

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