The shekina.mybb crew has gone through a few migrations, for reasons you can imagine

You can click around on the threads of the one that began in 2007 here. Be thankful that this one exists because some of their sites have been scrubbed from the internet.

I decide to click their thread on the founder of Russian literature, Pushkin, who apparently has lots of crypto-kabbalist themes in his writings

Throughout the story, there is some kind of persistent desire to socially reduce the mental horizon of its readers

So many gremlins in the west do this sort of thing. You’d never expect that from a novel, they seem so innocent. Especially a “classic”.

Ask yourself if you’ve ever done that, tried to “reduce the mental horizon of your reader”. If so, doesn’t that make you feel guilty?

Or do you have to reduce your own mental horizon when you consider those questions?

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