What’s up nerds, I found an extremely interesting book- the magnum opus of Luzzatto. Some rabbi translated it, and it’s online free to read here.

They say his books are a ladder and that you should read two of his other books first, and I’m kind of just jumping and grabbing the highest rung I can and doing a pull-up – isn’t that how you’re supposed to climb a ladder?

People usually rangordnung him right next to the Besht and the Chabadniks, so this is kind of a big deal. It’s not as difficult to understand as you might expect, I suggest just scrolling through and clicking a chapter that magnetizes you. “Kabbalah” is so forbidding, and I don’t think it needs to be. Memorize the sephiroth firstly because things will go a lot more smoothly if you don’t have to continually consult a diagram of them.

This is not an idle interest, you will understand the grounding framework of our political order when you study Luzzatto. As the commie Laitman put it, Kabbalah is a science of government.

Would you find it funny if I studied it so much that I began to “trust the plan”? It IS somewhat persuasive. The thing is, I can’t help seeing the hippies in it. I used to glamorize the hippies myself when I was young, there’s some merit to their movement. In excess anything is bad, it’s not difficult to understand that.

I highly doubt you can understand Kabbalah without a Kabbalist laying on a couch talking with a Notsee therapist. There are unconscious things about it that seem to have formed it. The reason they’re so biased toward mercy and the “sweetening of judgment” as the telos of reality is because of their history of exile. They project their absolutely peculiar cursed destiny on this planet onto the Godhead itself. And then they impose that on peoples who were never exiled from their countries. You ever think there’s “something off” with the political zeitgeist? That’s one of the best explainers I know of.

Like I said, this is going to take lots of time to absorb. I just got Tishby’s book on Luzzatto in the mail today, and a tome it is. The third of three volumes, the first two not having been translated, the second one being on Luzzatto’s crypto-Sabbateanism, and this third one I snuck a peek to the last page saying Luzzatto was pivotal in Hasidism. So go from there.

This is going to be slow. Partly because I’m not trying to sell you something to make it in the world, never have. I am absolutely independent from “their” financial system. Theirs, and yours. My “shtick” is to simply be an open book, and this is where that has led me.

In that regard you should consider these to be telling signs about yourself too. ARE you an open book? If not, do you think that’s a good thing for you? I see you as trapped in the rabble’s dungeon. And you can’t even admit it! Or they will surround you and burn you at the stake, and you know they will.

What’s most difficult about my path? No woman will confess her love for me on Christmas. We ARE dimorphic creatures, so there is an emptiness to this. Women aren’t your “other half”, they’re your other quarter, we’ll say. Still, if that’s missing, that’s tough. At the same time, pure philosophy is impossible unless you bracket women. That’s because they are rooted to the earth, and when you attach to them you are also attached to the earth.

“What about Woman’s Wisdom?” What wisdom do they have if they have no ability to reconcile with someone who’s flown far away from the world?

What I try to demonstrate here is that the highest concepts such as “love” and “truth” have something suspicious about them. Don’t you care about the meaning of God, don’t you lament that those words are meaningless?

Speaking as a person “off the reservation”, the validity of Kabbalah as a “science” is only met with a pitying smirk when looking at what it’s led to.

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