I just want to prevent you from being an object, maybe that makes you upset. It’s still a mystery to me why it does.

“Because people are supposed to be that way, that’s why!”

I’ve never seen a persuasive argument, they all might as well be the above quotation parody.

If you are not able to laugh about the theological-political problem in public you are an object.

Everything your brain thinks is determined by it. You are second. (In many cases you’re like 20th, let’s just call it second though).

This is a question of transcendentals. You can think of them as Plato’s Ideas too- they are above you. That means you do what they tell you.

It IS possible to be above THEM and look at them for yourself. You can transcend the supposed “transcendentals”. They are not that, they only give you the illusion that they are. It’s off-limits because they know that. Part of what they tell you to do is not look at them for yourself.

That shekina.mybb crew consists of bodhisattvas in my opinion. Nonetheless, they can’t grasp the true problems because they’re not Americans. Just because they’re people of the future doesn’t mean that they have a “privileged” awareness in every regard.

If you’re an American and hate this place you should still feel lucky, because there is something about being from here that allows us to understand what’s going on better than most people in the world.

The US is 4% of the global population by the way.

Okay, so let’s break it down- what is the “US”? Because most of those 4% are just objects. TRULY.

As backwards as I often depict them, most people in the world don’t understand things on the level Americans do. And then you have to refine it even more and wonder what percent of that 4% knows anything at all. Let’s just state the matter plainly if you wouldn’t mind, in Seussian terms- brown muds, black muds, nosed muds, white muds. And prior to that the halving of the 4% into 2 is a given with the woman muds.

What exactly is going on? Not many people in the world can say. Shekina.mybb is fixated on the chrysalis, always going on about Chabad and such. That’s not relevant to the US. The Saturn Deer has led to a secularization here that I’m not sure they’re aware of. Suffice it to say, they’re as ignorant about the US as Americans are ignorant about Russia.

No, there is a form it has taken beyond any of the mysticism of yore. Perfect Frankists don’t care about Chabad or any “religious” book. Anything to do with religion is instinctively stupid and superstitious to them. I know this well because I went through that phase as a teenager. I remember also that I felt like an iNsUrRreCtIoNaRy aNtInOmIaN rEbEl for not saying “bless you” when someone sneezed. Just today when someone sneezed I said “bless your heart” and it felt right. People like to be blessed.

For this cladistic Frankist thing, whatever you want to call it, they don’t want people to be blessed.

If you read that Luzzatto book you probably are starting to get the picture- “non-judgment” has its roots in Kabbalah.

That is to say, if we maintain the binary between blessed and damned, that is geogmentul oy vey.

As a result we have a damned world.

Only a logician could capture these ideas. And they deliberately weed out any logicians among the goyim.

No judgment in the world means everyone is in exile.

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