This is a really interesting way to frame it

Elista of course.

Anon, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here. How’s that song go, “I’ll keep you my dirty little secret”?

Anyway, if you’re familiar with occultist literature you probably know that they’re often all about Crowley and never utilize primary Hebrew sources. Their lack of the will-to-know in this regard is astounding. That iceberg is still there, unknown, some 70 years after Crowley died. The people ostensibly concerned with the study of secret knowledge apparently aren’t that concerned.

Crowley is a crucial link between Frank and the hippies. So you should care about this because this is who Everyperson is now. Sadly most people are a lot duller than Crowley.

I myself am Everyperson too! I have a split-consciousness, I fight myself, that’s the difference. Neo-Frankists try to act like radicals and it’s just outdated to me, they’re too boring. What’s truly scary is when someone tries to liquidate the Frankist project.

We’re getting too ahead of ourselves with this. First you need to know the basics of the Zohar – here is a hint of that here.

I’m speaking to their clones so it’s pretty futile. Hello clone who isn’t even aware you’re a clone, how are you doing?

Keep in mind that I am a Sabbatean too – I’ve pushed it to the furthest limit it can go in my opinion. To me most people are not “pious enough” in their antinomianism. Scholem himself says all this is rife with paradox. Hey, if you’re content with being seen as “backward” by someone you keep hidden and redacted you do you. “What a larva-person” – that’s my thought most minutes of the day.

This is a burden, I don’t like this. I don’t want people to be cogs, you have no idea the suffering involved in living in a world of cogs. I have some scotch for Christmas, if that tells you anything.

Back to the subject of intellectual history though. Luzzatto is only part of the struggle to piece together the early puzzle. The most robust strain in Judaism in the last couple centuries does seem to be Chabad. The founder of Chabad incorporated Luzzatto, and he was the first of seven generations. The best bibliography I know of for their works is in Wolfson’s Open Secret.

The shekina.mybb crew isn’t exaggerating when they say it will take decades of study.

While I know the clones are not happy to hear it, I HIGHLY DOUBT you can understand Marxism without knowing these primary texts. I’ve only gotten a taste via Bjerknes, the Magician, Hoffman, and others, as well as through the Heebnet, and this is 100% clear to me.

Do you know how sick I am of you goys?

Tishby in the English publication of his thematized translation of the Zohar even includes the concept of goyim dissenters used as scapegoats by their fellow goyim. That’s how far behind, how much of an unthinking clone you are, if you’ve ever besmirched people like me. The chances are THAT’S YOU, and you’re a total goy-nigger, so enjoy the life of a Jewish slave.

Alright, enough doom and gloom for now. What’s some happy stuff to think about? It’s possible for you yourself to not be part of their “plan”. If you keep it a secret, and are a talented actor or actress, there’s a way to hover above it and watch it play out rather than be a victim of it.

If you want to know what I’d be doing if I weren’t being “watched”, it’s gathering entheogens and amphetamines. These can boost your spiritual ascent IF you also are disciplined and study difficult texts. If you are not disciplined then you will just be getting high, and likely will turn out as a standard Sabbatean.

The “nigger fate” will be affecting many people pretty soon here.

Nicholas Land, who dreams of sipping piña coladas on a beach in Tel Aviv, actually shared a link to a site that could get him in trouble during the holidays

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