Today in “names you never heard of”

This is from one of the two books Liebes has in English. He interprets Simeon as a reflection of the writers of the Zohar, which he describes as a “mystical circle”.

In the unexpurgated Hebrew version, Liebes has chapters on how Luria, Luzzatto, and Nachman interpreted Simeon. Instead, he throws the idiot goys a bone and includes a chapter on “Christian Influences on the Zohar” pff thanks.

We can distinguish between the Zohar and Kabbalah- the expulsion from Spain was a cataclysm to them. The Zohar was not the same after that. Similarly, after the Khmelnytsky Massacre Luria was not the same. And, similar idea with the Pajama Party. Oy vey and dat Capitol Riot made us even moar neurotic! Seriously, on the normie screens they’re still “doing an academy award” about that BS. Like they say at shekina.mybb, they psyop THEMSELVES, they psyche themselves out to make themselves more extreme, they’re actors, larpers, hyperstitionists. “Khmelnytsky sewed cats into sixty gerbillion Jewish bodies!” And then they see people satirizing them like me as “Samael” and that makes them even more extreme too. Hi, I’m doing an x-ray scan of your brains, I hope you don’t mind.

“Revolution” is such a word made for goys. Its origins are obscured.

Things would be better if they were kept in that Pale

“You mind if a crap is taken in your barrel of wine? It will taste even better afterward, we promise.”

If you don’t have the attention-span to read books tell me why you deserve a vote, it’s as simple as that. All a simpleton has for an answer to that is [insert incoherent nothing here].

If you fashion yourself as someone with “revolutionary” characteristics start calling it tikkun instead, because that’s what it is. Let’s not obscure where it’s from, and the particular race that programmed you to be the way you are. Why are you so obnoxious? Because you are indistinguishable from a kike. “America’s about apple pie and bald eagles!” I noticed that you neglected to mention how the sabbatean goblins from the pale of settlement corrupted the very foundation of the instincts of the otherwise somewhat tolerable orcs here. I just google imaged “Shrek Fiona porn” to find a “pretty orc” to make women feel better, and never mind, I’m not going to share any of those images. The Fairy Godmother gets in on the action too, the Gingerbread Man, just forget about this. My point is that women are still respectable even if equality is a myth. “FUck you, I’m a tikkunist!” Okay, the world is rotting from the inside-out because of that, I guess that’s fine to you.

Anyway back to genealogy. This is like a world-dominating version of Nietzsche-Zarathustra

the author of the Zohar regarded his own activity as messianic and that he identified fully with his R. Simeon.

It goes back farther

It may be that it is the messianic nature of his activity that accounts for his choice of R. Simeon as the hero of the Zohar, even though he is not among the Talmud’s more mystical personalities. It is precisely in the Jewish apocalyptical literature that R. Simeon, the zealot known for his rebellion against Rome, his scathing denunciations of the gentile nations, and his forthright statements concerning the redemption of Israel, became a central figure.

Simeon was active in the generation immediately following the destruction of the second temple. This is the main figure that Luria and the Saturn Deer “vibed” with, identified as.

In the rabbinic literature R. Simeon speaks of himself as being a unique figure, the single-handed protector of his contemporaries, able, together with his son Eleazar and Jotham ben Uzziah, to “bring about the exemption of the whole world from judgement”

Spoiler alert- the Romans destroyed your temple because you pilfered all the gold you kikes. “Don’t judge us!” I’ll have to do a post on how they did the same thing in Spain too. The idea, which is all-pervasive now in the modern world, is that objective vice should not be judged.

My nerd friends can interpret this as a (non-academic) extrapolation of concepts inherent to On the Genealogy of Morals. This is the prior revaluation of values carried out by the Jews- Nietzsche’s was a “rerevaluation”. Samael is Satan, Samael is Satan because he judges objective vice. That is upside down. Turning it rightside-up means being an antisemite. I don’t care about race, I care about the study of Good and Evil!

If you’re a tikkunist you should consider the true meaning of this revaluation.

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