There are esoteric meanings of Christmas that many people miss out on. You probably wouldn’t have electricity if it weren’t for Christ, for instance. He’s the one who breathed the divine air into all of the classics, the sciences, and the arts. The Confucian version of those things? Give me a break! Stop lying! The latino shaman version… ahahahaha. Christmas is a holiday to celebrate the fact that Christ led to the first world, and not living in huts or shtetls. And you can expect allllll the “usual suspects” to hate that with the fire of a thousand suns. I’m not even a Christian and I understand this and can speak about it without bitterness – can you? Hail Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas Eve. Wotan winks his one eye in approval.

There is unfortunately a caveat to this. Christ provided the stability for some time, and that’s a bit of an insult. (Cue all the wretched ones cheering that Christ is being insulted). No, you’re not on the level I’m talking about, sorry. It’s an insult because there is a tradition of antinomianism in the western tradition as well, and that arguably superseded Christ, in good ways and bad.

While I know people see me as evil, I don’t care, this is how I personally see Christmas. Christ provided the love that allowed the Greek pagans to flourish here.

Christ was the floor or the ground. Without him you can’t have sophisticated thoughts. Because you will be crucified for them. All “thinking” falls down into the void without him. And we see this in not only the Muslim, Jewish, and Chinese worlds…

Enjoy the first world you sad monkeys. That’s what Christmas is really about, and why they all hate it.

And no, that’s not a Christ thing to say, it’s just that his spirit would allow it.

Christmas is the sanctified celebration of the victory of spirit over matter- that’s another reason the various types of nigger hate it.

Merry Christmas!

“We want you to lose, we prefer the sciences and arts of the australian aboriginals!” Yeah, you’re too bitter to accept Christ as a crucial imam, I noticed.

Without Christ there is no renaissance, without Christ there is no Kant, that is what “Christmas” means to me.

Ahh you probably weren’t expecting this conversation before a fireplace today.

“I don’t care that he led to that.” Then you just seem like an embarrassing person.

The real “pagans” of today relativize Christian and non-Christian people. “It’s all the same.” No, you’re just a nigger. It’s a steaming turd that wants to prevent spirit from prevailing over matter, a timeless struggle, which in our time could easily be amended through the execution of all genetic and spiritual jews of the country.

You’re not human. You have never proved you are. Thus, if you make people like you then you deserve to be murdered.

Prove you are!

You can’t…

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