Before the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

These aren’t independent writers exactly, they’re occult lodges. Their writings are the culminations of their discussions.

When I google Luzzatto with various words I constantly see the same two pdfs- there’s not much on him and his circle.

One of the top five Kabbalah masters on the heart of the Zohar – probably worth translating.

My existence is just a perpetual sneer at the goyim. (In case you never caught my vibe.)

A student of Kaplan has an educational site on Luzzatto here

According to the way things flow downward, the NetzachHodYesod configuration of each higher Partzuf becomes the “brains” of the Partzuf below it.

You’re not MY brains, жиди.

I know what’s behind that ratty beard

You ever hear the insult “window-licker” as a kid? The window-lickers of the west might as well be looking at the following when they think of politics

“??????” That’s the untranslated version of the highlighted quote above.

“Sometimes there’s water on windows!” Nice excuse, you look stupid.

This is similar to the Divine Names in terms of rangordnung

In contrast with this discourse based on the ten sefirot, the Idras choose to speak in terms of partsufim (faces). Partsuf is a loanword in rabbinic Hebrew, adopted from the Greek term prosōpon (face)

The hermetic importance of Christ is that he facilitated the emergence of non-Christian thinking, namely Greek and Hebrew.

The partzufim are the anthropomorphization of the sephiroth. They are the primordial Adam, who is a hermaphrodite. Keter is the skull, hokhmah, binah, and da’at are the “three brains” contained within the skull. Goys are the legs and feet. I mean, YOU can be that. I’m not.

One can dream

The Partzufim, like the Sefirot are said by Vital to be the components of the cosmos. Each thing in the world is composed of the various Partzufim, which appear in infinite relations and combinations. Vital tells us that like the constellations in the sky, the Partzufim are continually changing their positions, and the procession of earthly events are a result of these changes

Kabbalah is “the mysticism of political correctness” by the way. Likewise, PC is “exoteric Kabbalah”.

Cut myself into pieces, this is my last resort

“Don’t mock totalitarian tyrants, don’t you have a heart!” Pff you’re so compromised if that is your instinct.

Anyway, the partzufic configuration is similar to the Olympian pantheon of deities

the choice to speak of the Divine in terms of faces—as opposed to more abstract attributes, such as Wisdom (Ḥokhmah) or Compassion (Ḥesed)—is a choice to represent the Divine in a particularly personal, mythical, and concrete fashion

Thus Kabbalah is a fusion of both Plato’s Ideas and Homer’s mythology in a sense.

What’s most interesting about this

Don’t you like to learn what made your overlords who they are?

They DO appear to have cladistic dogmas that are highly questionable. We’re forced to live in a world of arbitrary illusion. I think this is a result of their being too proud to learn ENOUGH from the Greeks.

One might interpret modernity, “the Jewish Century”, however you want to term it as flawed emotional responses

The Idra’s choice to portray God in terms of various faces and the glances and gazes exchanged between them touches upon a fundamental human experience.

Cladistically speaking, nerds will probably recall Levinas in this context of “faces”.

The heart of the heart of the heart of the heart

The Idra’s central activity—namely, configuring the divine faces

I think it’s pretty profound that you’re just now learning about this. The upper triad is truly kept under lock and key

Counter-intuitive that the secret of secrets for them is anthropomorphic. Everyperson tends to regard “the bearded man in the sky” as exoteric.

A common theme you find in this literature is the idea of fixing the divine world. Besides “repairing”, tikkun can also mean configuring, arraying, establishing, clothing, beautifying, adorning, enhancing. Beautifying the face of the divine world beautifies the face of the human world. Think of how they “look” at the various types of bioleninists. They smile upon them, they don’t make them cringe.

Human speech invokes and summons the divine face, stimulating the flow of divine Mercy (raḥamim) that emerges from within it.

The divine face only looks that way to them because they want to avoid guilt and responsibility.

All this is also a way of talking about the theological-political problem. Kabbalists intend to affect or influence the heavenly world. Their cladistic offspring do just that. If you yourself attempt to affect the heavenly world in a way they disagree with you will be removed from the human world. In other words they have a monopoly on the face of God. I for one have zero guilt about challenging them- the lifeworld they have created for us is a parody of what it could be.

While you might not care about the face of God, the face of God cares about you. It’s scowling at you when you exercise your faculty of reasonable judgment.

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