Idel has a book on this

Something to look out for with Idel is oedipalism. He seeks innovation for its own sake, probably for glory. He’s the kind that has an appetite not only for goyim blood in his matzo. In one of his critiques of Wolfson he accused him of playing “shell games” – I’ll leave that one to your imagination. This IS a Sabbatean temperament. And it takes one to know one. If you want to get into some really hidden “lore”, the Jewish Sabbateans are unable to endure “neechen sabbateanism”. Only theologically-aware people will be able to get this- it’s a question of eschatology and imams. The Kagal and its clones cannot deal with neech and that just makes me laugh. And I’m neech’s “great-grandson”, even HE makes me laugh. Depression, laughter, it’s alternating moods. The burden of seeing all these “shells” excites all types of emotions.

And most of this has happened within the context of Christ. He is the NUMBER ONE QLIPHAH by the way. From a historian’s perspective, “Adolf ain’t shit”. The shekina.mybb crew knows this well, that Christ is enemy number one of our political order. Hence, Christmas is more and more profane every year. We’re still living in a time when there are non-Sabbatean fragments here and there – for your chimpish grandchildren things will probably be different.

Are you even capable of taking theology seriously for ONE second? You can’t understand global history without being able to take that seriously for one second. If a people failed to accept the insight of Jesus Christ they are bound to be in a state of degeneration and degradation at present. It doesn’t matter if Zevi is the messiah, because he is the messiah of a degenerated and degraded people who are 2000 years behind. Again, I say this as someone whose temperament is closer to paganism. In order to get to a more refined understanding of paganism you first need to acknowledge Christ’s paradigm-shift in history. You can’t understand the renaissance, Kant, Heidegger without first understanding Christ. If you think you do without knowing what he is about (Socrates for the masses) then you will only be playing “shell games”.

“We’ll bribe people to make sure your name is blotted out.” Yeah you’re probably a pre-christian, pre-kantian nigger, I already have determined that many years ago.

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