Using image-to-text to read some of Liebes’ untranslated pdfs

בין חוקרי השבתאות נמצאים כמה מתלמידיו הישירים של גרשם שלום: ישעיהו תשבי, מאיר בניהו, חיים וירשובסקי, משה אריה פרלמוטר, יעל נדב, רבקה ש”ץ אופנהיימר, משה אידל, וגם כותב שורות אלה.

Comprehende Espanol? Ha how worthless it was to be taught Spanish in high school. Muy stupido si si.

Liebes says his own most important student on Deer Studies is אברהם אלקיים.

The introduction to his book on the Vilna Gaon’s Sabbateanism can be read here

A close parallel for us is the Mayflower of the pilgrims reaching the shore of “New England” – that happened only six years before Zevi was born.

The antinomian sweetspot for Liebes

not so Jacob Frank, who was liberated from halakhic dialectics, and unreservedly sought to destroy the religion of Israel, without having a balancing figure by his side, similar to the Gazan Nathan, who stands by Shabtai Zvi,
Although Jacob Frank is an interesting character, he is not part of my interest, nor of our story, of Jewish thought.

He says the Frankists–who referred to themselves as Zoharists–failed to understand the Zohar.

Liebes, however, seems to have a piety that the typical American Jew is lacking. I.e. they’re quicker to study some progressivist boilerplate over their traditional Kabbalah. Court’s out as to whether they’re “further into the future” than Liebes regarding the unfolding of the logic of Sabbateanism – I for one think they are.

Where to begin with all these pdfs of his?

This does explain so much about the postwar order

In all those generations the Sabbaths were not the domain of only a handful of perverts, sick and wicked, as was presented before in peace. It was an extensive spiritual movement, with deep roots in the Jewish spiritual elite, and had a strong influence, directly or dialectically, on the formation of the Enlightenment movement and even the Hasidic movement.

All the sorry slaves can do is “project blame” onto me for speaking of this.

Liebes says in Gematria the words “faith”, “our God”, and “Zevi” are numerically equivalent. He also says “messiah” and “devil” are equivalent.

Lots of details to learn if you’re willing to go through the tedium of translating his articles.

He says there are Saturnian elements in Schneerson which were absorbed through Zalman and the Vilna Gaon. Liebes, unfortunately like most scholars, is a pedant though, and does not apply his findings to contemporary political realities.

It’s obvious once you know their typical last names. (And face structures.)

And surprisingly scant theory from the goyim on the Saturn Deer.

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