The pdf of Liebes’ on the Emeq HaMelekh is on his site too

The Valley of the King is the most comprehensive book written in the Lurian Kabbalah

This is the one the magician says makes Vital look like child’s play.

Liebes, in this 58 page essay on it, says no studies on it exist.

Bacharach wrote this in Amsterdam a few decades before William of Orange and his troop of Yids arrived in England.

I think the magician gets lots of his ideas from Liebes by the way. The former translated the first 1/6th of the book and sells it for a jewy fee on amazon.

As a sidenote, Liebes is fond of referencing the novelist Agnon

Anyway, Bacharach published the Emeq HaMelekh only 22 years before Spinoza’s well-known Theologico-Political Tractatus. Which is the real tractatus here of the two?

Shmuel is Hayim Vital’s son – the following is about the Lurianic/Vitalian oeuvre

These writings remained in the possession of Shmuel Vital and were not copied or distributed to any extent before 1660. No part was printed until 1850. 

Bacharach visited the “Holy Land” before he published the Emeq HaMelekh in 1648. He was accused of “theft”, of learning “the most profound of secrets” abroad then sharing them in a goyim nation.

Don’t worry about it, I’m just trying to figure out their blueprints for “their plans for us”.

Apparently there were two books he wrote before the Valley of the King

Their opposition to the previous books was apparently also stronger than their opposition to the King Valley book, which did not prevent its printing. What, then, was the reason for the opposition to the previous books?

Piecing together their most relevant books into a bibliography takes time and it’s an arduous process.

The Book of the King’s Garden is considered the second part of the King’s Valley and was probably written after the King’s Valley

Note that 1648, the year the Valley of the King was published, was the same year the Khmelnytsky Uprising began and the same year Zevi began to tell people he was the moshiach

Reading the King’s Garden book I found a few things that can be interpreted as belonging to the affairs of Shabtai Zvi. Thus, perhaps the book was finally written only at the time of the Saturn eruption… which is the year in which and due to its events the book of the Valley of the King was reprinted a second time

Here is Scholem now

Of all authors, Naphtali b. Jacob Bacharach of Frankfort-on-Main went furthest in his uninhibited revelation of the Lurianic mysteries.

Do you know for whom Bacharach was foundational? Luzzatto and Zalman. The Likutei Torah, I remind you, is Zalman’s “esoteric Tanya”. And Luzzatto’s magnum opus is the KLaCh Pischey Chokhmah.

I seeee you

The heebs are so cut off from their own tradition that I am the first one to tell them about many of these things. And then it’s a given that they haven’t studied the Greeks and Germans. So by the time I find all these Hebrew books I will be three levels ahead of them.

Wow, I can take pictures of that Tishby book on the qliphoth with my phone and put them through that image-to-text too… The possibilities with this technology.

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