Step 1 purchase an eternally untranslated heeb book (at this site for instance), Step 2 take pictures of the pages

Put page through this site.

And voila

Yes yes yes

Early on he has already mentioned the “catharsis” of their godhead which is a purging of the “impure shells”.

Probably would be even better if you used a scanner. My crappy phone camera alone yields impressive results.

Do you remember what is said of the text in question?

This book, cited by every significant bibliography in kabbalistic scholarship, is the first and only comprehensive work ever to provide a definitive description of Lurianic kabbalah.

I always feel so alone with these interests. The plight of the pathbreaker I guess.

Even if I’m learning this very slowly at least I’m learning it at all.

Did you read Brave New World and 1984 as a teenager like me? I never would’ve guessed at that time that this is the furthest limit of the logic in those. I never would’ve guessed how complicit virtually everyone would be on the side of the bad guys…

Translating this is so obnoxious

The Shell Generation: The worlds of E and the impurity are involved in them and therefore they are in need of correction… had it not been for the breaking of the vessels there would have been no evil force in the world.

This is their interpretation of Creation

This waste is due to a catastrophic shock.

I’m probably going to scan this so it’s less garbled.

This use of abbreviations doesn’t make it any easier

We have our work cut out for us, goys.

“I’ll leave that all to you, thanks.” Haha I know right.

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