One of these days maybe I will get desperate enough to simply skip the formalities and go to a site like – in the meantime I choose to pursue subjects that don’t cater to the cursed race known as women

Buber is marginalized, relatively speaking, and as a suspicious person I wonder about that, because he was one of those handful of people from the 20th century that was nobody’s fool.

I am, again, reading the above from Idel who is a (self-hating) Scholemite.

The Besht was born in 1698 so this is quite the tract of time we’re speaking of here. I’ve showed you before that the Scholem School (which is in opposition to Buber) rarely writes about recent mystical movements. Thanks for your interpretation of that medieval manuscript dude, tells me a lot, I really appreciate it. Nah, there might be something suspicious going on here, an obscuring of Hasidism.

If they keep us “more aware ones” focused on Kabbalah we might not be able to see the true roots of the modern zeitgeist. Because, for Buber, Hasidism decisively departs from Kabbalah. I’ll cut to the chase as I like to do- Scholem has a hegemony over the meaning of “Jewish religion”. They could be trying to hide something with this. And Buber, who disagrees with him, is in my opinion one of the legitimate “Tzadiqim” of recent times.

So are we to trust this Idel fellow about their debate? Idel after all is an absolutely dishonest individual in light of Bjerknes.

I don’t trust Sabbateans at their word, and Idel IS one of those

Buber, an exponent of Hasidism, and Scholem, a scholar in the field of Jewish mysticism in general, share a similar basic orientation: their reevaluation of Jewish mysticism is a crucial aspect of their literary activities, an integral part of their respective visions of national revival.

Idel is just another one in the long list of liars – that’s the real “history of the jews”.

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