While it probably does sound frivolous on the surface, I do wonder why you cannot produce for me a baseball of belly button lint upon request. You must just be content dwelling at a low level of cognition and subordination in the social strata. The Hindus don’t have very flattering views of those castes.

“I’m anonymous and the Jews are STILL my boss!” I’ve been doxxed some years now, and you think they are mine? The Hindus are another type of “Confucius” in that they’re right about the basics. They would see most Americans as shudras. Definitely not warriors, and that’s only the second caste.

Once you get a realistic perspective it’s pretty obvious why someone like me would be the designated scapegoat. The merchants are not the first caste, they fund and bribe everyone to hate anyone who challenges them on the level of ideas. Is that YOU? I bet that’s you, in either a direct or indirect way. Even anons tend to be kikeslaves. I want my baseball of bellybutton lint, where is it? I bet it’s more a matter of “you can’t” rather than “you won’t”.

“I’ve been building up a nuclear bomb you have no idea about.” Prove it then.

If you want to get into some real details about secrecy… I’m one of the “keepers of the keys” who knows what the “ideals” are outside of vulgar opinion in fact. No one alive can endure the acknowledgement of the ideal so I usually don’t state it.

We need a new Luria.

There, it is spoken.

Varying degrees of spiritual evolution will take that however they want to.

If you cannot see that we are still living in a “religious” world then you’re blind. Zevi is not the moshiach per se, it’s the Zohar and Luria that are.

This is a 700 year history you probably know nothing about.

You will probably follow surface politics that don’t acknowledge any of this at all. Yes, that is what shells do. Look, it’s the negro fighting for the cause. That’s nice and all, I am just one who thinks a new Luria is possible.

“If they marry a feminist, kiss the wailing wall, and listen to rap they will be the next Luria!” Sure..

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