Ahh, a perfect lamb quesadilla or talk to corrupted souls about my findings in Hasidism, choices choices.

I’m always trying to tell you about “immanence”. The financial system is under their control. “Crypto” is meaningless. You’re just another sellout. Crypto doesn’t really mean Crypto. The so-called “Patriot Act” precedes any of that. You need a version of bitcoin that kills feds, plainly speaking. A CCIA as I’ve called it. If you can’t do that you’re not any sort of radical, you only tell yourself you are to feel better about being someone who sold their soul. “Bitcoin is great, hopefully we have an economy founded by eunuchs!” Nice try.

“We do not want to fund people who make it known we are cowardly slaves.” So you will never overturn the economy then.

“You’re one of THEM then, you’re SLIME!” No, I sacrifice myself to tell you this, I might as well be holding a bowl on the side of the street.

Do you want to know what a thoroughly anti-rabble like myself thinks of “Hasidism”? I doubt you will ever know that, because the economy is controlled. What more do I have to tell you- I’m in a gulag because I am the kind of person that I am. They hope that all goy brains are shut off, especially if they are suspicious of them.

The most obvious conclusion is that you sold your soul.

“We’re happy you are in a gulag for questioning our void-worship. The idea that I could create a drone that dropped a box of diamonds in front of you while you’re walking has never occurred to me. Because the feds could track it down.” So the problem is “being watched”. It’s best to formalize this (if you have the capacity).

Instead, the true nature of our political order will be blurry to everyone. “We fund eunuchs and we make sure anyone who questions us starves to death or dies in a gulag.”

Pretty objective, huh? Want to admit it? No, you’ll just continue being a subhuman that wants the real perception of what you are erased from reality.

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