I’m the kind of person who wants to know the truth even if it kills me. Anything less seems impious. Most people probably see themselves that way, and I don’t think it’s true, I think they’re lying to themselves. “I can know it without saying it.” Is that true? I doubt that too. I doubt many took my advice a couple years ago and started keeping a secret journal. That’s because they don’t care to Know. Their will-to-know faculty is either corpse-like or was never alive in the first place.

There’s a difference between knowing engines and knowing humans. And to make that distinction you need to know knowledge itself. I’m speaking of knowing in its broadest sense. I AM willing to die to know that, I actually feel like I’ve risked my life the last 2 or 3000 days or so just for that purpose. And I do think I’ve attained my goal more or less. Strangely I feel both at the end of my project and at the very beginning.

Is it worth dying for? Cold logic seems to point to yes. If you could see everyone’s Infinite Cope the way I see it then it wouldn’t even be a question to you.

“I’ll get to it one day, maybe in a decade or so.” I doubt it, you’ll just make some new excuse a decade from now, and the one after that.

I call that a hollow will-to-know. Don’t worry, most people in human history have had one of those.

Earlier I was trying to peer into the nature of the Partzufim and I looked up at the sky, and down and saw a passing car, and realized a lot of the stuff I talk about here isn’t things you can see with your eyes. Even if they isolated the will-to-know in the brain it wouldn’t tell you very much about it. I don’t need science to know I’m speaking of an objective reality. Ironically, most “science people” don’t have much of a will-to-know.

This ties in with the idea I said the other day about how I hope the Chinese can use my writings as a blueprint after America is smoking rubble. The outer-garments are just arbitrary symbols that are meant for our particular historical period. If you think of people’s cognizing as happening within a “closed dome”, I see cognizing outside that dome as something timeless. The catch 22 is that it’s timelessly illegal too. It would be good fortune if a certain caste of theirs could apply it gradually so as not to die for truth.

We, the Chinese, and the Iranians are at different phases in the cycle of civilization. Just because I admire them for having a stability factor that we don’t doesn’t mean I’m not a western supremacist in other ways. Just because the west overall has reached a stage of decadence doesn’t mean it’s a universal thing here. The minority that knows what’s going on and condemns it is arguably ahead of the Chinese and Iranians, while the decadents are behind them. That’s why I think if the process of animalization continues here, the Chinese and others can still theoretically salvage thinking from this doomed place that they can’t find in their own countries. The stability element that they have is also a setback. And the opposite of that is true for us. It’s an extreme form of Sabbateanism that’s possible here which isn’t possible there. It’s so extreme that it ceases to be Sabbateanism. Its very nullification is its capstone. I don’t think they’ve done that in the way we have because they haven’t reached our level of decadence.

Maybe they’ll just decide “Nah, we don’t want ANYTHING to do with that cursed place.” I honestly wouldn’t blame them. Still, I think there is something redeemable about this stage of the historical cycle. We speak of the “first world”, right? Something beyond that already exists, they just ban it from the public here. It’s in the clouds and it can be used by peoples who are not in the same stage as us. Here’s to dreaming. I’ve just spent considerable time on their internets and have noticed that there are indeed perks to living in this free-for-all known as America. I’ll just repeat what Badiou said about the Chinese- they weren’t a philosophical people historically speaking. Same with the Iranians. Even with the Russians I detect a lack of fluidity in thinking. I’m going to shock you now and say that I do find something sympathetic about liberal democracy, and Socrates knew this even if he didn’t have our idea of “liberalism” in his time. The emphasis on liberty here allows a minority of people to be extreme with their freedom in ways that are actually good. I don’t know how confused you are about me personally, it’s just that if you don’t see me as a Bataillean who believes in “transgression as a lifestyle” then you’re lost here. Some of those French had great ideas, they just weren’t thorough enough with them.

It’s one thing to look at Sabbatai Zevi and impulsively create a crucifix with your fingers and hiss at him, and it’s quite another to see him as an amateur. Many of the Hasidism were just like that. Most people like me aren’t like them though, because we draw from our own tradition.

“He’s bringing up the Jews again, just great.” In our time, they and the will-to-know are closely connected. It’s a litmus test that gauges what level someone’s faculty is on.

Want to know something funny? I see the contemporary Jews as similar to the way I described the Chinese and Iranians above.

This book is really good on Hasidism if you’re interested

in light of R. Isaac Luria’s more emphatic disdain of philosophy

I don’t know if it’s possible for a yid to push antinomianism to the limits you’ve seen here. Shamir is a worthy attempt at least, however that’s still just beginner’s level.

If you think you have thought outside what I have thought here are you sure you aren’t just one of those decadents I speak of? What drives you, the will-to-know or the anti-will-to-know? Are you sure you even want to “know” the answer to that?

All in good fun. (Since it’s probably a similar species of thinking that would be reading this anyway.) I wish you well for the new year.

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