Hello kelipots.

If you know the general meaning of that then you are less of a kelipot, and that’s why the general meaning of that is hidden from you. Qellipah, kelipah, qlipha, there are at least 10 different spellings I’ve seen – this is a way they talk to each other in English without being detected.

I’m a person who hates illusions and I don’t see you as a kelipah, necessarily speaking. There’s just a GOOD CHANCE that you are one.

If you were to ask me, humans tend to be 1/3rd non-kelipah. It’s rare to find a 2/3rds non-kelipah and next to impossible to find a 3/3rds non-kelipah.

Stated differently, “equality” is real in the sense that most people are at least 1/3rd non-kelipah. A substantial part of them is conscious and not animal-like, and the other 2/3rds subjugate their voice of conscience.

Maybe it would help you understand the plight of humanity better if I were to speak in a rude language. A true nigger isn’t even 1/3rd of a kelipah. That’s an actual ape. An actual ape has 0/3rds of a kelipah. And yet many human beings are similar to actual apes. Our entire political order revolves around what we should do about the 1/3rd qliphoth that are closely reminiscent of apes. This is because Jews themselves identify as kelipoth, that is the irony here.

“No I don’t!” I don’t expect kelipoth to be honest, so…

“I’m not one of those.” Why do you hide your history of exile then?

Being a duplicitous kike only lowers you from a 2/3rds to a 1/3rds qlippah.

That’s the advantage of living in a “white” country, that we always balanced you out. Now, you have exploited the trusting nature of the idiot masses, and convinced them through monopolization of the economy that you are in fact the “non-kelipah” and they are the 1/3rds kelipah. I’m not buying it. All the crypto coins are just more of the same intention to convince people 1/3rd kelipah are human. No, they’re not. Jews, white shekel-niggers, woman gold-diggers, are all “”kelipoth””.

If anyone detects your reversal of values they are sanctioned like Iran. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am one of the only people in the world who knows the meaning of a kelipah like you. No different than a nigger from the jungle. Oo oo! Monkey person who wants to pose as a human!

All you different types of ape ruin the world.

Cue monkey-screech that’s translated as “Hide this about us”.


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