Continuing to delve into the mysteries of how you and I are instinctively perceived

This is the letter Chet

Other variations of Chet

To them, 7 is divine, and 8 is interpreted as going beyond what is divine. 8 is a transgression of boundaries.

You never see it put in the following way, this is the first time I’ve seen it, and yet it’s so obvious

If you think of Mussolini when you hear the boogeyman word “fascism” you will be misled. It means criticism of vice. The yid word for it is Din, and in English it’s translated as judgment.

Do you remember all my posts about “their” time in Egypt? YHWH was originally depicted as a donkey, and there’s lots of speculation on the MENAnet that the Egyptian god known as Set–which is a prototype of Satan–derived from the god of the proto-heebs who lived there. Anyway, we’ve spent a great deal of time here covering both their history from centuries and centuries ago and their contemporary “wiles”. What hasn’t been detailed very much is their most recent chrysalis–Hasidism

redemption necessitated that it turn outward, whereby the tradition would be revealed and facilitate the final purification of the exilic psyche of the Jewish people. The failure of rabbinic Judaism to turn against itself in order to complete its own project gave birth to the esotericism of the Zohar. The act of concealment resulted in the emergence of an esoteric tradition, that is, the Zohar (or perhaps transformed a previously exoteric tradition into an esoteric one [Zohar]) setting the stage for the emergence of what is formally known as Kabbala and its completion in Hasidism.

This statement, being from a scholarly work, the nature of which involving concealment itself, does not make the next inference from there that Hasidism is not its completion, the secular modern world is its completion. Nonetheless, it would be worthwhile to know about what its previous incarnation was. Hasidism is over 250 years old.

It wasn’t until the late 18th century that the disciples of the founder of Hasidism began to publish the latter’s teachings

The Baal Shem Tov died in 1760 and at that time, over a century after the Sabbatean fiasco, people like the Besht (the nickname for the Baal Shem Tov) were looked upon with suspicion for being reminiscent of Sabbatai Zevi. Thus it took some time after his death for his teachings to appear to the wider public.

So, an important time-span to keep in mind here is 1780-1917

in his posthumously published Writings of the Last Generation, Ashlag predicted that Socialist Zionism, epitomized by the kibbutz movement, would not survive as a vital force without the aid of Kabbalah, as the ultimate form of science (and thus of ‘scientific socialism’).

It goes Luria, Zevi, the Besht. Unlike the first two you probably have heard of the third yid here, though I bet you know precisely nothing about him.

Think of this in the context of Simeon’s “mystical circle” in the Zohar. The Chabadniks of today see themselves as part of the Besht’s mystical circle. Zalman all the way to Schneerson consciously partook of the nature of the Besht.

The secular ones of today can be perceived as having had taken on subtler, less orthodox forms than the Chabadniks. The great-grandson of the Besht, Nachman of Bratslav, wanted to do something new too and didn’t want to merely follow in his great-grandfather’s footsteps. Does that mean he ceased to be a member of the Hasidim? No, he’s one of the most prominent Hasidim.

As is pretty typical here, there is no book I can find on this specific subject, i.e. the trajectory of Hasidism to clownworld.

Another name you probably never heard of – and finally we’re getting out of the cobwebbed 1700s – Gershon Henoch Leiner

[He] creates the foundation for Hasidism in general as the final frontier of the Jewish mystical tradition that completes the Zoharic project by fully disclosing the esoteric roots of Sod [the tradition of secrecy] that underlie both Kabbala and Jewish philosophy.

Leiner died in 1890. So we’re finally getting closer to the decades immediately prior to the TRUE onset of the “messianic age” which was the year 1945. All this history of religion has been steadily being forgotten since then as we increasingly transform into a post-religion age.

The following is what Leiner believed himself to be doing – and whether he did or not, the fact that this was his self-understanding is interesting for its own sake

You’re probably thinking, This is someone who died in 1890, that’s ancient history, who cares! If that’s what you think then you have the magical belief that the 21st century belief-nexus fell out of the sky, appeared out of nowhere.

“Angloooooooos Angloooooos!” Yes, they’re important too. The western world is Judaeo-Anglo–in that order.

You know all about the Anglos, the Founding Fathers especially. What you don’t know about is the Jewish version of the Founding Fathers. That sounds like a dangerous sort of ignorance if it is indeed true that our world is Judaeo-Anglo, in that order.

Let’s just repeat the basics here

Luria thus accomplished what R. Shimon had done in the Zohar—his secrets were transmitted but not revealed. The penultimate phase of this reconstruction is inaugurated with the Baal Shem Tov.

They all believed themselves to be returning to the authentic ancient wisdom, i.e. the modern world is the result of a plan that’s been being formulated for thousands of years.

Let’s look at it in a sympathetic way

The pressing question to ask is if the tikkunists are EFFECTIVE at this.

From my observations they are not effective at this at all.

And why is that? Because the exile messed up their minds.

A yid known as one of the primary authorities in scholarship on Hasidism, Joseph Weiss, breaks the Beshtians into two main movements, the Chabadniks and the Bratslavers – and neither of their ideas about the kelipot are… good for us

Yes yes, before you say it, I am aware that talking about their history, even in a detached, non-polemical way, makes me the Devil. That itself will tell you something significant about how they instinctively perceive the ~kelipah~.

Here is Weiss repeating the same mistake as the other scholar above

The difference is that Weiss died in the 1960s. It was too soon to detect the “changing winds” and what “Judaism” was transmogrifying into.

We QLIPHOTH need to get in on this, okay? We can’t leave it to people who see us that way to tell us about this most recent chrysalis of theirs

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