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Perl was a pioneer of Yiddish literature. He translated Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones into Yiddish. The translation is now lost, presumed to have been destroyed by the rabbis, as Mendl Lefin’s devastating Der Ershter Khosid (“The First Hasid”), a biographical lampoon of the founder of Hasidism, the Ba’al Shem Tov, almost certainly was.

Perl does have parodies on Zalman and Nachman that have survived.

I always hear the cricket chirps from selloutworld, it might as well be the never-ending white noise in the background at this point. “I have my reasons for being a qlipha in more ways than one!” Okay, just try to never breathe on me, I don’t want to inhale your air (for reasons of MY own). I have you negroes down to such a science, everything about you really does scream “qliphoth”.

Anyway this Perl wrote the first Hebrew novel, and it is a satire of Hasidism.

You might have caught on by now that most of everything you read here is intended either directly or indirectly to be a satire of YOU – did you catch that? It’s okay, I’m sure you’ll be the exact same pathetic excuse who invites mockery on December 31st, 2022 also. That’s the problem with the qliphoth- they’re in a permanent condition. They ate watermelon babyfood and they’ll be gumming watermelon mush when they’re toothless old fools too.

“Why is the world burning, I can’t understand it.” Because everyone is just like you.

Okay, I need to know more about this guy

Perl, who ridiculed the ecstatic dancing and singing of the Hasidim, died on Simchat Torah (a holiday known in English as “rejoicing in the Torah”), a holy day traditionally — and currently — celebrated by song, dance and a processional through the streets carrying Torah scrolls, so the Galician Hasidim did not miss the opportunity to dance on Perl’s fresh grave immediately after his burial.

Note that contemporary jewry is dancing on Hasidism’s grave because they, like Perl, often have a satirical attitude toward it. What’s in question at present are the potential affinities between Hasidism and the post-Hasidic yids despite their general disrespect for religion broadly speaking.

Ever-reliable Bjerknes has some statements about the Hasidim in his Einstein book

For the new year you should just stop reading here and live in the “cave” full time- embrace the kind of person you are. Aren’t you grateful that I’ve showed you who you are? You’re as ugly as a circus carnie. You better beauty yourself up real quick in order to be able to live with yourself.


I don’t know if pure prot types will grasp the significance of this

Rabbinism is the Catholic faith, from which all these sects are, in modern phrase, dissenters.

Once again, there are sympathetic ways of looking at Zevi and his offshoots. Without Zevi they’d still be refraining from eating pork. There’s superstitious backwardness it’s good to dissent against. Because bacon is epic and all that. My particular gripe is similar to the one I have with prots- it leads to infinite protest, until there is nothing left, because everything has been protested against, and now there is no foundation.

Sabbatai Zevi – first declared himself moshiach in 1648
King Charles – executed in 1649

These are two of the most important moments for understanding when the Great Chain of Being began to be flattened toward Void Worship.

Bjerknes again

The followers of this Hasidic dynasty were said to number 3,000,000 strong in 1930, and are, so some claim, the descendants of the Frankists of Poland and Russia.

I go to him because I find nothing readily available of Perl’s. For another time perhaps.

It looks like that Hoffman has a lot more on the Hasidim. And he’s one from among the mere handful of resources that can be trusted. Not much at shekina.mybb – there’s a conspicuous ignorance about this religious movement.

Fraudworld is going to be the same as it is now on December 31st, 2022- that is what I am dwelling on tonight. Every year I see through them with clearer and clearer vision, and that’s not something that will make you too happy.

What dispensation will we be on in the mid twenty-first

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