Here is the bibliography of a prolific scholar you can scroll through. I hope you’re cynical enough by now to expect that the little he has in English probably doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

Sure sure

“Give the people what they want – our REAL history YAYYY!!!”

Look how sheepish – it’s EVERYPERSON in the west, in every thought they’re allowed to think

I reallllly need to find a copy of this now

How illiterate everyone in the west is. Don’t have a clue what Lurianism was about, don’t have a clue what Hasidism was about. And they don’t mind that every thought they think is controlled anyway. In that light, I’d have to say they’re right about the kelipot.

Try not to puke when I say this- in an alternate timeline, Merkel is actually hot. The sheepishness she shows above is symbolic of the mental life of all women in the west. Your beliefs are a JOKE!

And we can trace back step by step why your beliefs ARE such a joke.

That’s another one of the most important litmus tests, whether you recognize that feminism is a failed movement. Oh you don’t see that? You’re a qlipha, it’s obvious.

I am a species of feminist myself. I suggest you start again from the beginning, try again. From Beauvoir to the hippies to today should all be scrapped, you should try again.

Likewise with the Jews, if they want their “redemption” they should start fresh, try something new, because they’re not getting that where they’re going.

Ditto with MLK and BLM. What are you doing? I don’t see any real progress in any of these.

“Look at that, it might as well be Hitler himself talking to us right now.” Okay, just keep that guiding light, you’re doing great with that.

“That’s it, we’re making the speech laws even more severe now to shut people like this up.” I can tell you’re a real rational person who’s really contained emotionally.

Ich liebe dich! Heil!

Speaking German might as well be a way of practicing demonology. “He’s invoking the demons from hell!” This is how people’s brains work in our time.

ANYWAY, on the initially linked-to scholar

As is so often the case with controversial literature, those who claim to be most offended are usually the ones buying, reading and simultaneously trying to repress the books in question. 

How do you explain this psychological phenomenon? I don’t get it.

It must be some kind of undiagnosed, (semi-)functional schizophrenia.

I myself am holding out for a new Shahak. His main work is barely 100 pages, and yet it’s so memorable. They can put their kabbalist neocortex to it if they really want to. With the snap of fingers, so many deceptions dissipate into nothing.

You are speaking my language

So, Zalman’s son converted to Christianity. Eh, that’s not that spicy to people who don’t know the Tanya (which is nearly everyone).

Their “chrysalis” reminds me of the site of a magical ritual which is now empty, all swept up. Just a room with four walls, a ceiling and a floor, their thousands of years of history vanished without a trace. Thus no one will care if one of the top 5 major yids’ sons converted to the goy religion. It IS “all too late” in a sense- their magical ritual was effective, and we now have ZOG. What led up to it doesn’t matter because anyone who talks about it will be unpersoned.

Still, this is amusing, at least to me

it is almost certain that shortly after his conversion to Christianity, the rabbi was consigned to St. Petersburg’s famed mental hospital, Obuchovskaya, where he died.

What was it Zarathustra said? It isn’t always voluntary, though I might voluntarily go there myself one of these days

After the systematic purging of the European (and Russian) aristocracy we ARE at that point now- no shepherd and one herd. Because merchants are no shepherds.

“I feel like a merchant in a way…” Look who your “shepherds” are.

This seems like a noble goal

humanizing them by cutting through the apologetic mythologies of the hasidim and the polemical mockery of their opponents

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