Good afternoon hollow shells.

Is my humor too rude for you, I don’t know.

If they’ve pressured you into silence or into carrying out their plans for them you are a hollow shell, I don’t care if you have a smile on your face. Or if you’ve been talking about COVID for two fucking years you are manifestly a hollow shell because that is the most boring shit I’ve ever heard in my life. Or, how about bitcoin. Just another one of the infinite ways that pseuds are posers and can pat themselves on the back that they’re doing something that will actually change anything. You’re not, you’re a bunch of hollow shells. Guess who’s controlling our culture. Yeah, that’s why.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I find it eerie the way Luzzatto talks about “government” in the context of mysticism

Recall that the sephirothic structure is exoteric, it’s the building-blocks toward more secret awarenesses. (Similar with the Divine Names). The point of tikkun is to repair the sephiroth, and what they are when they’re repaired are partzufim.

I do have the misfortune of understanding what they mean by the kelipot. As above so below. The only way to repair the sephiroth is to destroy the kelipot. They are permanently impure, and kelipot attract kelipot, thus they continue to reproduce throughout the generations.

There are two simple types of kelipot- intelligent and dim-witted. The dim-witted ones have more trouble spreading their impurity. Therefore a prominent form of “repair” is to make the intelligent kelipot dim-witted.

This is all for the sake of repairing the shattered Godhead itself.

like a clock whose wheels meet and one small wheel moves many great wheels

They perceive themselves as the unshattered–or at least less shattered–element of the Godhead. The Godhead repairs itself.

It is a spark of darkness that invigorates the goyim that are not mere hollow shells. They prefer those ones to be hollow shells so that they don’t interfere with their repairs.

Buddhist mysticism isn’t directly relevant to your life if you’re white, i.e. a spark of darkness. And yet Buddhism is consoomed in the west at a 1000x higher rate than Kabbalah, let alone the “Kabbalist Mysteries” as opposed to the new-age self-help claptrap which usually isn’t even derived from Luria at all. Whatever, just let yourself “be repaired”, whatever that means, and I’m sure you don’t care what it means.

Two translations are required, because once it’s out of the Hebrew/Aramaic and into the English it’s still in an alien language that needs to be deciphered.

This is a way of talking about Kabbalah itself

Again I link you to Luzzatto’s main text.

Do you think I’m going to go to Hell for talking about all this? I bet there are some superstitious types that have concluded that. Just be “repaired” and don’t think about it- that’s the nature of a shell anyway, it can do no other.

Zevi and the messianic wackos that later mimicked him believed they were revealing the “Torah of Atzilut”. When goyim are trusting the plan of political correctness, only the Torah of Asiyah (the lowest world) is revealed to them.

Tell me there isn’t something creepy about Luzzatto recurrently using the word “governmental”

For the entire governmental order is rooted in Arich Anpin, except that in order for it to be revealed, it divides into the four Partzufim that clothe Arich.

These are the anthropomorphic sephiroth which are discussed in the heart of the Zohar.

To tell you the truth I haven’t quoted the REAL creepy stuff, you can read that for yourself. The immanent political manifestations can be seen as the clothing of Arich. To know WHO Arich actually is, study Kabbalah.

One reason Luzzatto was controversial in his time was because he was clean-shaven. The beard had symbolic, occultic significance to them. He went without one, hence he was excommunicated.

Make sure to talk about da vaxx and Bydun instead of this, you NPC you.

What to do with all these kelipot, my good Jews? Oh wait, most Jews are kelipot too.

“Arich will punish this arrogant goy.”

Maybe one of the lesser partzufim will, not him. He is Mercy with no Judgment at all.

“This Eye is entirely right and contains no left” – Idra Zuta 289a

This is about the pillars, not political alignments, by the way.

They really have tried to immanentize Arich in a premature way. Those pajamas caused that. That’s the real arrogance in this equation.

These kelipot in denial are incapable of repairing the Godhead. They only make things worse because they could never accept that their primitive god was sent into exile.

Bjerknes only mentions the partzufim in passing, citing wikipedia. This is a new frontier for the goyim.

Shekina.mybb doesn’t have much to say about this either

So I return to Luzzatto, and I can’t help noticing a sort of mental illness of his. All the focus is on removing Stern Judgment rather than ceasing to do things that would cause Stern Judgment.

I think the Muslims are right that the Jewish god is “man-made”. The Talmud and Zohar are humans creating what “god” is.

See my post on Liebes’ interpretation of the Zohar here. Their so-called “messianism” is their deliberate desire to be God, so they wouldn’t disagree that the Zohar is man-made.

In other words, they invented their god with its particular (questionable) nature in order to give themselves redemption rather than changing their behavior so that they would deserve redemption.

Enough warring in the clouds for now.

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