Amusing alliteration in this theory of parody

revealing and reviling what it pretends to revere

People could do that to fly under the radar. They don’t have one cell of dissent in their body unfortunately.

The blob absorbs them then spats them out as a clone. And they’re not going to be parodying themselves now are they.

On the other hand I’m sure there is a demographic of teary serfs who accept their lot with some bitterness.

Born a second-class citizen, better to smile and make the best of it.

Who really knows anymore- their banning mechanism has gotten so mathematical that you wouldn’t know what a certain faction of real-life people really believe, because the silicon valley poindexters with tape holding their punched glasses together have mastered concealing them from the internet. “Owie, he made me feel like the bitch that I am!”

If you don’t see a gynocracy with an army of eunuchs maybe those glasses were shattered when they were punched?

Just like with dogs, they neuter them before they take them as a pet. Then there’s a Collective Secret that this happens.

Nope, I fear that your testicles are suspended in a jar of brine in the basement of a synagogue. They have quite the collection, many floors. Are these some “preserves”, are these kidney beans? No, it’s the disagreeableness of the goyim that has been excised from them.

No different from any other war in history, just as “barbaric”, except now it has the gleaming sheen of civility on its surface. The men are eunuchs, the women are whores, both of which are soft clay to be molded any way they want them to be molded. “I’m ME!” No you’re not, you’re an easily-manipulated nigger with a snuffed-out life-force.

What kind of kelipah are you? The kind in denial? The teary serf that bitterly accepts their lot? The one who’s angered at me for making all this known?

Just saying, this is a noble alternative

revealing and reviling what it pretends to revere

Plausible deniability. To do that you first need to not be one of those three kelipot I just mentioned. It’s too much of a weight for most. The easiest and most popular option is to “join the movement” of the wretched removing Judgment from the world. I.e. in this schema, authentically revering rather than revealing and reviling. “We’ll all be turds together – this is REAL communism!”

If everyone’s a eunuch that means women will be equal! If everyone’s braindead it means no one will be a nigger! Such a sunshiny dream. No balls and no mind, that sounds like a world of never-ending cringe. “I can’t assert myself, also my thoughts are empty.” “Hey, me too, let’s be friends.” Only the best of the best specimens of humanity are part of this project, right?

We’ve known here for a while what the “gameplan” is, so hopefully you’ve taken steps not to be absorbed and cloned by this blob.

Like I warned immediately prior to the engineered onset of Bidenian sleep, there are plenty of books to read to keep yourself unabsorbable by the blob. Today my choice is that Perl.

There are lots of different methods the classical satirists have used that you can study about

The reverse of this happens too. I think of Walter Kaufmann’s translations of Nietzsche. His footnotes just ruin the text, because they lead the reader in all sorts of kikey directions.

Theoretically you wouldn’t even have to rely on the footnotes method, because it’s possible for the surface of the main text itself to be so ambiguous that the permanent-kelipot demographic wouldn’t understand anyway, and thus wouldn’t think to sound the alarms.

As with many things, you can’t understand satire without understanding the Great Chain of Being. There are redeemable kelipot and irredeemable kelipot, and the former will naturally catch the mockery conveyed.

There IS a science to this. This is not my science. I usually never am addressing the ones that need to be snapped out of it through a type of trickery. I’m only emphasizing there is a live option between my “method” on the one hand, and denial, bitter acceptance, or anger and scapegoating people like me on the other. That is known as “subtle parody” – and it’s seemingly nonexistent today.

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